What happened to?: Social events without social media


Look , before I begin, I know we are now in the digital society and staying plugged to the Internets at all times is top priority, but does anybody born pre 1995 enjoy a gathering without phones anymore??? I figured that was a resounding no, so now I present my top 5 reasons why social gatherings cannot exist without social media anymore:

  1. HEY EVERYBODY LOOK HOW COOL I LOOK! (Ron Burgundy voice): Alright so maybe everybody doesn’t have that mentality but every time I’m out at a social function whether it be a bar, club or a house party, everyone 8-10 years ago would look around to interact with people, myself included and want to know who all is in the same proximity as them. The last time I went out and tried to do that same thing, in the year 2015, you look around for the people to interact with, and EVERYBODY was looking down at the bright glowing prism of light that they all had different apps to tell people who WERE NOT in the same place as them that they were having the coolest time ever! Now I understand snapping pictures to show people, but when you’re live tweeting and posting on Facebook like a running diary every 20 seconds, there has to be a realistic ceiling on how much fun you’re ACTUALLY HAVING!
  2. ADD ME ON SNAPCHAT, PINTEREST, AND MY INSTA!!!: Dead are the days of let me get your phone number (that was the true test of the will of a man) enter the days of going to a party and instead of getting the number to use at a later said date, are now the times of being at a house party, going up to a member of the opposite sex, and asking for their snapchat name before all else!!!! Then the sick twisted post 1995ers want to make it worse by sending a snapchat to said person at the same party the other person IS AT instead of talking FACE TO FACE!!! Sickening I tell you (I’ve seen that happen too by the way, it disgusted me about the future)
  3. WHEN I SEE YOU ITS “ON SIGHT!!!” KNOW THAT!!: Once again, gone are the days when you see that one person at a social gathering you really don’t like (this is for women AND men now) and you run into them in person and exchange either words or fists. Nope not now; These days you will know that 2 or more people who don’t like each other are at a social gathering and exchanged words that would constitute hand or gun violence as soon as one spots the other, but in 2015 the “twitter fingers” go to work faster than ever and throughout the entire gathering tweets will go back and forth like “Those fuck boys really showed up here? They lucky I ain’t bring my 40” or better yet “Let that mutha fucka come over here by me and he gettin snuffed on sight!” Pitiful is the only word I have for that, but it’s the world we live in, what can I do about it?
  4. TAKE A SELFIE WITH ME!!! (*Drunk girl voice*): Gone are the days of grainy, flip phone, crappy resolution pictures taken by some rando you don’t know at the party and always messes up the pictures and your friends question how hot the person you took the pic with really was a good riddance to those days!! Now here is the one thing that I agree with. Having a high-resolution camera and the ability to have pictures taken with a front camera was a helpful game changer! Photo bombing other selfies and taking pics with that one person you want to at the gathering have never been easier and then tagging them later on to creep on the rest of their social media accounts are only one click away!!!
  5. HEY HOW DID THAT GET ON TWITTER, INSTA, SNAPCHAT?!?!: Gone are the days of getting completely trashed and having to live through it with people talking about it forever. Now everybody wants to make Worldstar by someone else’s misfortunes and the first opportunity to put someone on front street at a party chugging an alcoholic beverage and later doing something completely regrettable (mainly females). There is always a camera and a social media website one click away to catch somebody slippin and at every party I’ve been to in college or beyond, when something happens to someone drunk or sown thing of the sort the first thing said is Worldstar and somehow a camera app pulls up faster than a Chris Johnson 40 yard dash time!

That’s all folks!!! You want more??? Drop some comments, likes, and follows!!! Take care


UEFA Champions League Matchday 1 takeaways


As requested by the most annoying Real Madrid fan I know, I’m bringing in the futbol reviews for each week of the champions league just like my NFL reviews (except the fantasy part, I have to know how to play that first). These are my top 5 takeaways from the Champions League Matchday1:

  1. THE EPL IS LOOKING REALLY FRAIL OUT THERE!!!: The English Premier League is top flight in class and cash everybody knows that, but for the past few years with me getting into futbol real heavy, I’ve noticed that when those bright Champions League lights come on and that background music (The CHAMPIIIIOOONNNSSS!!! I need to know who does that by the way) English teams tend to fold like Wal-Mart lawn chairs and these past two days were no different. 3 out of the 4 Champions League teams were beaten handily and Manchester City caught the hot one @ HOME!!! I will still be an English Premier League fan and supporter but for the like of Manchester United, Manchester City, and Arsenal, these group stage games actually count ya know??? Of Course of all the teams to secure a Victory, it had to be Chelsea, who were getting slapped around like the fat kids in Heavy Weights (classic) decided that they were going to be as good as they’re payroll deemed they should be!!! I love this time of year!!!
  2. LA LIGA IS HERE TO SHOW AND PROVE!!!: I hate those overgrown pansies as much as anyone who watches English domestic football, but sheesh! Every single La Liga team put the smack-down on everybody! Except Valencia who right now looks like the red-headed foster child of La Liga. I mean I watched a ton of futbol with my all-access Fox sports pass and man Sevilla proved why they went Back to Back (*Drake voice*) in the Europa League by throwing the A-town stomp on a very formidable Borussia Mönchengladbach squad who mailed it in after the first goal for some reason. Then the overrated pansies Los Blancos aka Real Madrid led by captain hat trick himself CR7 blasted Shakhtar in a 4-0 route. My dark horse for the La Liga contingent who I thought would go into the final 4 without overrated Mandzukic, Athletico Madrid made light work of Galatasaray who like last year got down in the match and their crazy Turkish mob started to mini-riot in the stands (those are the wildest fans I’ve seen in soccer…that’s just TV too!!!) and I turned the channel because I knew they mailed it in as well once their fans mentally left the building. Then the mighty pansy squad Barcelona with the only boring draw of the La Liga contingent and boring all the way around.
  3.  HOW LONG DO I HAVE TO WATCH FRENCH FOOTBALL??: I mean c’mon, this has to be the worst league I’ve seen when it comes to Champions League performance!!! I count Paris Saint German as the lone team to do anything until that dreaded final 8 comes up and Ibra goes Space Ghost coast to coast on me and Cavani is one episode short of Where in the world in Carmen Sandiego!!! Although Cavani scored in yesterday’s match I yawned and knew that he was doing this to lesser competition, and when the real competition gets thick, I want to see if they get lost like the idiot traveler you never wanted in the old Oregon Trail game (I used to laugh when johnny always got lost right after we went hunting!!! He didn’t have a gun, map, or anything, but we always knew when he died of shingles somehow!). Anyway French futbol is boring until further notice, Lyon is just a filler team, until proven otherwise and I just saved a bunch of money for gambling by not picking French futbol teams to thrive in European competition!!!
  4. MY MY MY THE OLD LADY STRIKES AGAIN!!: La Vecchia Signor, better known as the futbol club Juventus shocked me once again! I honestly thought that they were somewhat of a name draw fluke for making it to last year’s final, but they continuously prove me wrong with the great loans and pickups that they get!! They underpaid for super pansy Mario Mandzukic, who ironically scored a gimme goal thanks to the futbol version of “The Mailman” Paul Pogba (is there anything this kid can’t do?!?!?! all around baller!!!!) they received a firecracker of talent ON LOAN nonetheless in Juan Cuadrado, AND STILL have on of the best back fours in all of Europe!!! Bravo!!! With all that said the one player who is making a great impression on me is the kid Alvaro Morata (formerly of the pansy Los Blancos) who always comes up big in those “We need a score ASAP” moments and he has yet to fail when I see him!!! Always in the box at the right time, sort of Thomas Mueller-like and leads the charge for the rest of the troops, and then I can’t forget the anchor of it all 37 year-old goalie Gigi Buffon, who has seen it all and done it all and besides that weak Vincent Kompany move on Cheillini would have scored a clean sheet!!! Juventus putting everyone on notice!!!!!
  5. SHAME AWARDS TIME!!!!: SHAME on Barcelona goalie Marc Ter-Stegen for letting AS Roma player Alessandro Florenzi to blast this hail mary right over you!!! SHAME ON YOU!!! SHAME on Vincent Kompany for taking credit for a goal you cheated to get by spring boarding and holding Cheillini down (which is illegal) and then taking credit after it hits HIS head and goes in!!! SHAME ON YOU!!!! SHAME on M. Tel-Aviv goalie “Whatever his name is!” for letting this goal BOUNCE IN FRONT OF YOU, then right past you for one of the easiest looking free kicks I’ve seen since Gareth “Master Pansy” Bale played for my beloved Tottenham Hotspur!!! SHAME ON YOU!!!!!

That’s all for this week on my Champions League top 5 takeaways!!! Up next is my Barclay’s Premier League top 5 takeaways which will be every week the BPL is live and kicking!!!! Thanks for reading!!!!!

Fantasy Football Week 1 takeaways

download (1)

Earlier in the week I gave you my NFL game takeaways for week 1 and now for all of my fantasy football owners I’m giving you my top 5 fantasy takeaways for week 1 (If you lost week 1 don’t stop setting your roster, it’s far from over…..until you go 0-6, in that case unless you get inside Matthew Berry info ya done son). I’ll also give you my top fantasy scoring team of the week and give me your thoughts on them.

  1. JULIO JONES- MAMA THERE GOES THAT MAN!!!!: I own Julio in 3 of my 6 leagues and I can tell you this: That dude in the Kyle Shanahan X heavy favorite WR offense is looking like a MONSTAR! When the fantasy experts said he might have the best fantasy season for a WR in history, I thought that they might be taking it a little too far, but after I watched that entire game, seeing the different places they lined him up mixed in with the best launch points for Matt Ryan to get him the ball, I see HUGE numbers all season for Julio (remember in 2013 when Kyle Shanahan was OC for the Redskins and Pierre Garcon led the league in receptions?? Oh yeah). If you have Julio start him EVERY week, even the bye week because he might score then too
  2. BRONCOS FANTASY OWNERS BEWARE: YIKES!!! Seeing the mojo evaporate every quarter from Peyton Manning as an avid football fan since 2000, Seeing this Peyton Manning is disheartening and I don’t want to recognize this as his final go round. His fantasy numbers: 5. No multipliers, no jokes, JUST 5 POINTS! CJ Anderson who I have in a fluke of a pick because I hesitated in my draft (NEVER DO THIS) 7 points. For all the CJ Anderson hype and top 10 picks we got 7 points (there is a recurring theme here). The silver linings of the Broncos (in PPR leagues) was Emmanuel Sanders with 14 points and Demaryius Thomas with 13. Added together with the PPR factor, those TWO receivers can’t compare to Julio Jones and they are two prolific receivers!!! I hope Peyton can somehow use that chrome dome to churn out some value, if not you need to be unloading all Broncos players stock STAT!!!
  3. HYDE YO KIDS, HYDE YO WIFE!!!!: Carlos freaking Hyde SHEESH 32 points!!! This was the guy we saw behind Frank Gore??? I thought that the 49ers would miss Frank Gore more than advertised, but seeing that one spin move and the burst to get to the outside, Carlos Hyde folks is definitely here to stay!! All the while Mr. Gore is “icing up” every other play in Indy. Carlos Hyde will definitely finish in the top 10 for RB’s and there’s nothing any defense can do about it. Remember too that the Vikings defense he shredded was no slouch either, I just feel what will hold him back from bring top 5 is the defense he will play in his own division. I’m drinking the Carlos Hyde Kool-Aid and you should too!!
  4. 10 CARRIES A GAME ALL DAY!!: Adrian Peterson fresh off the year suspension, average draft pick of 1, and thought to shake off last years rust like the rust he knocked off last time on the road to his 2,000 yd season. This is NOT that same AP. He is 30 now, he looked jittery, he made one too many cuts when he needed to just go north and south, and he, as much as I hate to say it about one of the best RB’s I’ve ever seen and one of the most physical, he honestly looked scared to take a hit!!! Or at least he didn’t want to!!! I mean they blocked a FG early in the 1st quarter and on 3 straight plays AP was in the game and they didn’t even THINK to give him the ball!!! REALLY?!?! A former 2,000 yd rusher and staring down the barrel of the red zone and you don’t give HIM the ball ONCE!!! Something is wrong here: 10 carries, 31 yds, 8 points…. Turrible *Charles Barkley voice*
  5. HOT START CHARGERS DO IT AGAIN!!: Another season, another great start for Phillip Rivers (20 points), Keenan Allen (31 points), Danny Woodhead (22 points), and *drumroll please* Stevie Johnson (20 points)!!!! Posing as this years Eddie Royal, Stevie Johnson I predict will have a great first 4-5 weeks and then the jig will most certainly be up, but if you started Stevie Johnson, Keenan Allen, or Phillip Rivers, great plug and plays and we will definitely have to look closer and see if these numbers can remain consistent. Knowing the “Super Chargers” how I know them in fantasy though, they will hit that burnout week and start to fade away (all except Rivers who I have in only one league *proceeds to smack self*). All in all, Start Rivers, Allen, and maybe Woodhead if Gordon continues his slow “Welcome to the NFL” season.

That’s all for this week for the fantasy football takeaways week 1! Next up is the top five waiver wire picks of the week!

MY top scoring fantasy team for the week:

QB Ben Roethlisberger, Pit QB L 21-28 18
RB C.J. Anderson, Den RB  Q W 19-13 7
RB LeSean McCoy, Buf RB  P W 27-14 11
WR DeAndre Hopkins, Hou WR L 20-27 33
WR Jordan Matthews, Phi WR L 24-26 20
TE Zach Ertz, Phi TE L 24-26 8
FLEX Alfred Morris, Wsh RB L 10-17 12
D/ST Jets D/ST D/ST W 31-10 17
K Cody Parkey, Phi K L 24-26 5

NFL Week 1 takeaways


It was a wild and unorthodox week 1 that needed all kinds of explanations for NFL fans everywhere. Let’s get to the 5 takeaways I had for week 1:

  1. THE COLTS ARE WHO WE THOUGHT THEY WERE???: Going into the season a LOT of people who I know personally picked the Colts to be in the Super Bowl as it makes sense that Andrew Luck lead them a step further every year, but that Week 1 display (yes i realize it’s only week one) was dismal! The whole game I saw Rex Ryan’s defense putting Andrew Luck on his back more than a Taiwanese whorehouse. They got some garbage time touchdowns, but when Tyrod Taylor out duels a Pro bowl QB (I’m a VA Tech fan by the way so I’ve seen Tyrod play) then you might have a problem. I won’t count them out yet, but I will be watching them closely.
  2. THE PATRIOTS CANT STOP THE CHEATING STIGMA: The Patriots fresh off another scandal filled year enter the season with their QB unscathed after dodging a 4 game suspension and guess what happens? First on the nationally televised NBC broadcast, they announce that inside of the communication headsets for the STEELERS, the broadcast for the PATRIOTS radio was interfering/playing inside of the Steelers headsets DURING the game (which later they figured out and was said to be only for a couple of plays in a drive). After the fact, there were numerous videos posted about the game clock being reset after Tom Brady gave an ALLEGED signal to reset the clock from 10 seconds back to 25. Oh how the Patriots can never escape this (video can be found here).
  3. PACMAN JONES BACK?!?!?!: During an otherwise snoozer of a contest corner back Adam “The artist formerly known as Pacman” Jones flipped his wig on rookie wide receiver Amari Cooper. After tackling Cooper, Jones decided that the rookie needed another realistic welcome to the NFL hit and removed Coopers’ helmet and then slammed his head on it to let him know “It’s real out here” in the NFL world. In a surprise decision however, Jones was neither ejected from the game nor suspended for this action, but Ndamukong Suh was ejected and suspended for this here. Possible head injury < already injured leg?
  4. THE GIANTS SWITCHED PLACES WITH THE COWBOYS: When it comes to a team that you know will implode at the worst time, the team that nationally comes to the forefront is always the Dallas Cowboys. Except for Cowboys fans, everyone who has seen the Cowboys play on a Sunday or Monday night know how fast the Cowboy implosion can occur and how it can resemble the quicksand Shane Falco talked about in The Replacements. Instead, on Sunday night we were introduced to the new “Accident waiting to happen” the New York “football” Giants have shat the bed too many times for me to ignore, and Sunday night solidified this with me when I witnessed the worst clock management series I’ve seen in years of watching the professional game. Get it together bottom dwellers!
  5. $50+ MILLION FOR 11 CARRIES WITH 2 RUNNING BACKS???: The Eagles played Julio and the gang and lost a “closer than it should have been” game and had “Glasshouse” Sam Bradford throw 52 times!!!! A guy coming off of not 1, count ’em 2 ACL INJURIES and you drop him back 52 times!?!?! I can’t fathom how that happens because you spend more than $50 million and can’t run the football….. That’s all I got and that is sad for this team. I see them getting better throughout the season in a shaky 2 headed divisional race between the Cowboys and Eagles (coming from a Redskins fan)

Honorable Mention: The Seattle Seahawks for coming back in a tough Edward Jones Dome and taking it to overtime only to try a cheeky onside kick and a pitiful shotgun run on 4th and 1 against a very capable Defensive line in the Rams who were more than prepared to stop Beast Mode….Turrible *Charles Barkley voice*

The Bottom Line is: The Facebook Dislike button will be CATASTROPHIC

download (4)

Facebook recently announcing that they will be endorsing a Dislike button will be DEADLY for 5 following reasons:

  1. BABY MOTHERS WILL DESTROY MORE PROPERTY: There’s always that one chick you didn’t know was pregnant or even had a baby (we all know one). This chick will suffer the consequences a lot more than she realizes and this is the chick that will USE THIS BUTTON THE MOST (mark my words) with dislikes talking about the baby father and the baby father will dislike the picture of their own children (guarantee this will happen multiple times in the first few weeks). The baby mom posts of “I’m independent and no body ever gave me shit especially my dead beat baby daddy” posts will be received no longer with comments of “Oh wow” and “tell ’em girl!” there will only be a record number of dislikes and confused Manning faces.
  2. RAPPERS WILL FINALLY FEEL THE LONG OVERDUE WRATH: Local rappers will possibly be hurt the most by this simplistic button. No longer will they post sub par music to the tune of 2 likes, people wishing they could comment with their real opinion, and those who wished they had this dislike button 10 years ago. This category might lead to the most Facebook homicides…(funny but may be true)
  3. HIGH SCHOOL WEAK KIDS WILL BE SCARED TO POST: Remember back in High School or Middle School when bullying was a right of passage that made you sink or swim? In this digital age with internet bullying and wussies over saturating the school halls, this dislike button will destroy the psyche of the bullied weak kid in High School, which will lead to the 2nd most homicides caused by the Facebook dislike button.
  4. OLD PEOPLE (PARENTS & GRANDPARENTS) WILL FINALLY KNOW THEY’RE WASHED UP: Every parent or grand parent who posts on Facebook religiously probably has no idea that their kids don’t want to see them logged in to Facebook let alone see their “old people post” of “Remember back in 1969” and so on post. The dislikes on those post will reach all new highs if those people are as bold as they will be with the rest of their friends. Parents and grandparents everywhere will cut off support to their loved ones over this button and I can’t wait to see it.
  5. MEME RE-POSTS WILL GET DESTROYED: Now when I say memes getting destroyed I don’t mean the short, right to the point funny ones, I’m talking about those long drawn out, and so many words you have to think about if it actually makes sense ones. Those memes that people actually write themselves and hope for likes and comments will meet a cataclysmic demise and this is the one I am the most intrigued to see because I will be pressing the dislike button the most on this category.

To sum this up when that dislike button comes to Facebook, the slander will be real, and it will definitely tilt Instagram to create a dislike button and that will need a top 20 list when that day comes. Looks like the hate will prevail again on social media. Dislike 1 Like 0

The Bottom Line is: Myspace should be stripped from existence

myspace rip

We millennials who grew up with the great technological privileges that most 2 year old children have waiting at their finger tips as soon as they are able to say they’re first words. I myself, came from an era of the half and halfs. Half of my life I had to always remember phone numbers for emergencies and go up to a girl a shoot my shot without the “easy button” direct message. The other half was spent developing my internet game and placing names in a smart phone, only to be dumb enough to never know they’re numbers if my phone ever died. I said all of that to say,even though the cell phone craze was bubbling around the year 2003-2004 era, I knew that the creation of MySpace would forever change the social landscape of not only friendships, but dating and relationships overall. The creepy white guy who had a white board full of writing we wanted to read but was never legible enough to read was giving nerds as well as guys who did not have problems in the friend department the cheat code for meeting the opposite sex. Even if you have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. you have to always give props to the originator of the awkward online meeting scene to Tom and his innovative creation of MySpace.

Now to my real point. As I stated earlier Tom was a visionary in the year 2003. Back when Nokia, Ericsson, Sidekicks were the powerhouses of the cell phone game, and you still had to pay 10 cents per text. Those WERE the days let me tell you. This is 2015 and every single social media company I named earlier is destroying MySpace and has been throwing quarterly hay makers at the company since their respective inception. Don’t get me wrong MySpace had more than its fair share of a great run. I mean who could forget when you thought you were a web page designer and could layer any background, cool memes, ESPN tickers, and bedazzled everything, create a rift in your friendships by only putting the best 8 people you knew on your front page without clicking on the rest of the friends (this was female purgatory), plus choose THEME MUSIC FOR YOUR PAGE!!! I thought my mind exploded like the Asian kid on Fresh Off the Boat the first time he heard hip hop. It was great! You had everything a young millennial mind wanted and needed for the shortened attention spans we were all approaching. Then it all changed one day when Tropical Storm Facebook arrived. We thought yeah this new thing is cool but you need to get an e-vite to even get in the party, so MySpace was still technically winning the bout. All of a sudden the flood gates opened and free sign up to Facebook was clear for all high school girls and predators to join in peace and it turned into category 5 Hurricane Mark Zuckerberg. As if Facebook didn’t already give MySpace the knockout of its life, few years later Twitter came through the scene and ended MySpace’s career like Lavaar Arrington ending Troy Aikman’s career. Then as the punk drunk boxer MySpace pretended to be, they pulled a Rocky move and got back in the ring for “pride purposes” only this time using all of the tactics the opponents used to decimate them and combined them, as well as creating a music entity years after the music streaming and licensing wave had already reached high tide! It disappointed me so much to log back into my MySpace 6 years ago to see that I still had a Soulja Boy song on my page, a top 32, 26 of which were deleted profiles and my screen name was still “Kids call me Mr. Sniffles” (taken from The Clipse grindin’ song) and I’ve never ran across a brick of dope in my life, ahhh to be young and very stupid! I digress, but here is where I want to present a funeral service for MySpace: You served a lot of people well, I met a lot of girls who with a nice direct message were willing to proceed with consensual fellatio activities and proceed to put me and my friends in their top 8. I also thank you MySpace for being the “Page theme song/album originator” (that got you in the door if all you had was the right song on your page) and lastly I thank you for starting the first successful and getting people mixed up in emotions of real life and internet friendships that made women everywhere WANT to be in my top 8! You might continue in the dot com era, but your soul will be forever floating above with me. RIP MySpace, I now will put my own lock on your website so that my web history will never see your petty filth again.

What Happened to: The Ebola epidemic?

Health care workers, wearing protective suits, leave a high-risk area at the French NGO Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors without borders) Elwa hospital on August 30, 2014 in Monrovia. Liberia has been hardest-hit by the Ebola virus raging through west Africa, with 624 deaths and 1,082 cases since the start of the year. AFP PHOTO / DOMINIQUE FAGET (Photo credit should read DOMINIQUE FAGET/AFP/Getty Images)

I was looking online the other day at a polio outbreak overseas recently and it go me to wondering about the random and majorly televised Ebola outbreak. Honestly where did it go? Did it have appointments elsewhere??? I mean for a while there I knew the Ebola outbreak was bad when old rich people were staying as far away possible from foreigners and international airport terminals! I looked up a few articles that had the real Ebola epidemic starting around August-September of 2014. It is now a year later and I have heard no Ebola rumors, rumbles, or reactions. They calculated this outbreak to be a category five hurricane, which quickly turned into the tropical storm “forget quick.” I mean seriously, the Ebola outbreak went out of style faster than Anthrax!! Those are the only two instances where I saw people on public forums asking where the nearest stores selling quarantine gear were! At least Anthrax’s’ stock was alive and well for 1.5 years. Ebola was used as a joke when I was growing up, but the real outbreak lasted about as long as the “Immaculate Conception” (if you don’t know, ask your parents for that one). So I went around this past week asking just a few people if they knew about the Ebola outbreak going on right now, and I can tell you first hand, people thought that the Ebola outbreak happened after Katrina, or before the Batman movie theater shooting!!! SERIOUSLY! This outbreak passed through our minds faster than prune juice and the elderly. Even the presidential candidate Deez Nuts is having a longer run in the minds of people (we’ll come back to this one in a year). The most defining moment of when I knew that Ebola had disappeared from people’s mindset was when I walked into a black barbershop and asked the barbers about it and they spent more time cutting hair than talking about it, and black barbers will start, continue, and finish a conversation about EVERYTHING! The only thing I could get out of them was “Oh yeah, I remember that, man 2011 was a crazy year dog” That solidified that I had to at least ask what happened to Ebola! Did we find a cure? Did we make sure anything was actually done? Because if not for seeing a comeback for a polio outbreak I would have forgotten all about it. Ebola’s stock dropped faster than Kayne’s microphone after he announced he was running for president in 2020! I’m not wishing the scare or outbreak comes back….I just want to know what the hell happened to it?!?!?!

Rounders and the NFL

Red Eye Chronicle


One of my favorite times of the year starts with NFL training camp and one of my favorite movies of all time is ROUNDERS.  This ahead of its time movie, meshed with the 2015 NFL season which has a few story lines for the making of a season as dramatic (and predictable)  as the CW classic The Game (I’ll never associate it with the filth station that destroyed it aka Black Evil Televison– see Boondocks season 2) has me thinking from my last viewing (making the total views now 101) which tea and which characters from the movie will go tilt, busy, and flush (the jargon is 100x better when viewing the movie). They make it sound a lot cooler than I am (for now).  So without further ado I will now introduce the Rounders to NFL Awards!!!

The Joey Knish Award: Given to the Team/Player who…

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