Victor Cruz keeping it 8 more than 192 with his chicks


200 side-chicks though? TWO HUNDRED?!?! This man needs an award of some sort for balancing his schedule so greatly! This man is the king of time management skills, and his fiancée is obviously, scheduling his appointments with these females, because if you haven’t already heard, Cruz’s fiancée, yesterday, sent a mass text message to all 200 side-chicks to let them know that even though they have been told by Cruz that he don’t love his fiancée, his fiancée on the other hand is letting the side chicks know that he don’t love them hoes either.

She went further as to say that all the side chicks were whores and that they meant nothing to Cruz, and she thought that it was the right time to introduce herself to all of the lovely ladies, and continued to belittle these civil servants by stating that they should think about meeting each other (all 200) and to “feel free to exchange notes.” WOW, this is a saga that SHOULD have been on “any sports wives” show immediately so we could have seen the panic run over Cruz’s face while he hastily thinks of a lie to tell America, so that he can still look like the “good guy on a come up.” One thing I can tell you now is that if he continues with these 200 side chicks, as most hard-headed athletes do, he will be a walking Future song and “fuck up some commas” in his bank account, because these chicks all smell “SIMP” on this dude!


It looks as though he thinks this story makes him even cooler, especially since he doesn’t want his name to die in the New York media, since his name is dying weekly on the football field. By confirming that this text was legitimate, he has further let me know that he is quickly turning away from the game of football, to be a Calvin Klein model forever. He really inside of his head, believes that he is the second coming of Tyson Beckford! Get real man! You came on the scene catching one-handed passes in a meaningless pregame, to the effect that Rex Ryan shouted you out countless times as you torched them on Hard Knocks! I’m not asking you to focus on one woman, because we all know what that did to Tiger’s confidence level (by the way, let that man f&%$# as many cocktail waitresses as he wants! I want the old Tiger back!).

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In addition, Victor Cruz, even when he was on the field last year, showed me that his mind is stuck in the twilight zone of those enormously, bright, New York City lights, and it seems there is no coming back from that. The guy before he suffered that horrendous season-ending injury, had the most dropped passes in the league at the time. I really don’t know where his career will end up after this season, but if he doesn’t catch at least 4-5 TD’s this year, only the bottom side chick, and a few others that don’t mind getting exposed for fame will be there for him. You can forget his fiancée sticking around if his brand isn’t still popping, which led me to believe this is why he is looking to pick up all of those modeling and commercial checks. Watch yourself Cruz, because that 200 could disappear just like your patella tendon did last year.


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