Some call it the D Rose rule, others, D Rose syndrome

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Today, I found myself reading some articles on basketball, and talking to a few friends on what to write about. Upon request, I was asked to write something in the neighborhood of Derrick Rose’s injury prone nature. That has led me to further explore the very nature of how this rule came about, and most Chicago fans, when I was researching this topic, have said that this very rule has contributed to the Bulls underachieving for so long, and having the controversy attached along to their rich sports history (except for the Cubs, who can change that in the coming month).

When I looked up the official language for the Derrick Rose rule, I was quite intrigued by what I read, because of the fact that the rule was almost “strategically” placed in the collective bargaining agreement that was signed that same year (this will tie itself together in a few). As it was stated, the Derrick Rose rule is as follows: “After a player has completed his rookie salary, if he has twice been voted an All-Star starter, twice been voted All-NBA, or won an MVP, he is eligible for a maximum salary of 30% of the salary cap rather than 25% like everyone else, a change of a couple million dollars a year.” Now that may not seem like a lot jumping from 25% to 30%, but considering that the Bulls are now in a struggle to find cap space, and lucky that Mike Dunleavy was willing to take a hometown discount, instead of packing for Cleveland, the Derrick Rose rule is starting to look like it is crippling the Bulls.

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If you have seen the same Chicago Bulls that I have seen since his new contract was implemented, you will see that first and foremost, that with the Derrick Rose rule, comes the Derrick Rose syndrome which I have defined as “Any player who has signed a lucrative contract, seen bright lights, cameras, and endorsements, and then plummets substantially, over the years of said contract, whether it be in statistics, fan base or both, then become a shell of his/her self, all the while going from crowd favorite to crowd punching bag, will suffer from the unrelenting disease known as Derrick Rose syndrome, leaving said victim with less than a 10% chance of recovering.

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This disease has taken on different names or forms in the past, but in today’s NBA, with them crowning so many before their time, the introduction of the official Derrick Rose rule had to come with some backlash of the syndrome. This would be the same comparison as Newton’s third law of motion stating: “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” As simply as that law is stated, the Derrick Rose syndrome has formed and snowballed over time with the same simplicity. From Derrick Rose at his pinnacle, winning the MVP, then turning around and tearing an ACL, to him coming back that next year and tearing the opposite ACL, then to him missing over half the season, making Adidas commercials that put him back on a pedestal, that he was not completely deserving of, talking about free agency TWO years before it takes place, and finally, having Jimmy Butler replace his stardom on the court with teammates, as well as the fans, not to mention now, Butler and Rose looking like the worst back court pairing, since they obviously see the game on opposite spectrum’s (see the equal and opposite reaction flowing throughout?).

I wish the best for Derrick Rose to be in the 10% of players that dodge the Derrick Rose syndrome, but as it was aptly named after him, it would seem as though his chances of shaking this career-deadly syndrome are slimmer than spandex waist trimmers, and I feel as though, if he truly loves the city of Chicago, and the fans, he will have to decide that he will “slow his roll” and play Robin, instead of Batman for a while. Letting a healthy, Jimmy Butler, who is not phased by the bright lights, take over the show, and let the people of Chicago see their hard-working, bring it every night team, back in the forefront, until Derrick Rose can shake this nasty disease, or worse, trade him out of the city for a new, and much-needed start, since all everyone sees of Derrick Rose now is that selfish, overpaid, spotlight hungry, player, who in recent years, has only been a shell of himself, while only flashing remnants of the old Derrick Rose in either one-quarter or one lucky off the backboard playoff shot.

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Pray for D Rose, pray for the city of Chicago, because Derrick Rose syndrome looks to be affecting the city in ways that I thought were unimaginable, like the Cubs winning a playoff game for the first time since 2003. As I stated earlier, when D Rose syndrome strikes, much like Newton’s third law, if the Cubs win the World Series, I have a horrible feeling about the Bulls.


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