NFL week 4 takeaways 


With week 5 upon us, I am reminded of the week, when watching Carlito’s way, simply for the fact that right as I thought I was good for covering all my bets, at the last-minute, Benny Blanco (Vegas) comes and shoots me before I can make out like a king. Even with the loss, I still enjoyed the week thoroughly with plenty of beers and anger to go hand in hand. In addition I must add that the Redskins won so Hail to the Redskins! Now my top 5 takeaways for week 4!

  1. Cleveland “smokes” rocks!: I mean come on man (Chris carter voice)! You had the Chargers on the ropes, on the road and with their first year kicker looking as nervous as an escort in a confessional! Then you blow it with an offsides penalty giving them an easier attempt in regulation! Only in Cleveland will be my new twitter hashtag for anything ridiculously stupid. I honestly hate Cleveland for that!
  2. Regular season Bengals, playoff Bungals: Here we go again! (DMX voice) The Bengals are at it again, and when I say that, I mean they are undefeated, on top of their division, and besides the Patriots, look like one of the best teams this year. I’ll book them for the playoffs yet again, but don’t look at me to tell you what they can do.
  3. 3 headed dog race aka The NFC East: With the Giants and Redskins winning and the cowboys losing, all teams are 2-2 at the moment and all 3 are believing the title is theirs. The Giants look like the easy choice with their 2 time Super Bowl winning coach and QB but that doesn’t promise anything. The Cowboys look like they will tread water until Romo returns but the news of Dez being cleared for practice is huge. The Redskins are last in the pack because of one reason: Kirk Cousins looking at bright lights, that’s a scary sight.
  4. The Colts continue to look like Oscar the grouch: The way the Colts look right now, I’m surprised a story about Jim Irsay hasn’t come about with the keywords: alcohol, pills, and hookers. Sounds mean I know, but have you seen this team!?!? They’re horrendous! They went to overtime with the Jaguars! Now people may say, “They didn’t even have Luck!” but if you’ve seen how he played, even before the Hasselbeck project, he looks like he is genuinely tired of carrying the team on his shoulders, and he honestly looks like he wants to cry for help at the podium after every game! I’m truly worried about this team.
  5. J-E-T-S JETS, JETS, JETS: First things first, I love this defense! From the front seven to the elite CB’s covering the field. I didn’t know how the WR combo of Marshall and Decker would work, but I know enough in that 4 week sample window that tells me, as long as Fitzpatrick doesn’t fold like grandma’s laundry, this team should sneak into the postseason. I want to see these guys at the end of the season throwing hay-makers back and forth with the big boys of the AFC, and they will certainly get their chance to prove their worth the first time they meet the Patriots for their first AFC East match-up.

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