Some call it the D Rose rule, others, D Rose syndrome

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Today, I found myself reading some articles on basketball, and talking to a few friends on what to write about. Upon request, I was asked to write something in the neighborhood of Derrick Rose’s injury prone nature. That has led me to further explore the very nature of how this rule came about, and most Chicago fans, when I was researching this topic, have said that this very rule has contributed to the Bulls underachieving for so long, and having the controversy attached along to their rich sports history (except for the Cubs, who can change that in the coming month).

When I looked up the official language for the Derrick Rose rule, I was quite intrigued by what I read, because of the fact that the rule was almost “strategically” placed in the collective bargaining agreement that was signed that same year (this will tie itself together in a few). As it was stated, the Derrick Rose rule is as follows: “After a player has completed his rookie salary, if he has twice been voted an All-Star starter, twice been voted All-NBA, or won an MVP, he is eligible for a maximum salary of 30% of the salary cap rather than 25% like everyone else, a change of a couple million dollars a year.” Now that may not seem like a lot jumping from 25% to 30%, but considering that the Bulls are now in a struggle to find cap space, and lucky that Mike Dunleavy was willing to take a hometown discount, instead of packing for Cleveland, the Derrick Rose rule is starting to look like it is crippling the Bulls.

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If you have seen the same Chicago Bulls that I have seen since his new contract was implemented, you will see that first and foremost, that with the Derrick Rose rule, comes the Derrick Rose syndrome which I have defined as “Any player who has signed a lucrative contract, seen bright lights, cameras, and endorsements, and then plummets substantially, over the years of said contract, whether it be in statistics, fan base or both, then become a shell of his/her self, all the while going from crowd favorite to crowd punching bag, will suffer from the unrelenting disease known as Derrick Rose syndrome, leaving said victim with less than a 10% chance of recovering.

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This disease has taken on different names or forms in the past, but in today’s NBA, with them crowning so many before their time, the introduction of the official Derrick Rose rule had to come with some backlash of the syndrome. This would be the same comparison as Newton’s third law of motion stating: “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” As simply as that law is stated, the Derrick Rose syndrome has formed and snowballed over time with the same simplicity. From Derrick Rose at his pinnacle, winning the MVP, then turning around and tearing an ACL, to him coming back that next year and tearing the opposite ACL, then to him missing over half the season, making Adidas commercials that put him back on a pedestal, that he was not completely deserving of, talking about free agency TWO years before it takes place, and finally, having Jimmy Butler replace his stardom on the court with teammates, as well as the fans, not to mention now, Butler and Rose looking like the worst back court pairing, since they obviously see the game on opposite spectrum’s (see the equal and opposite reaction flowing throughout?).

I wish the best for Derrick Rose to be in the 10% of players that dodge the Derrick Rose syndrome, but as it was aptly named after him, it would seem as though his chances of shaking this career-deadly syndrome are slimmer than spandex waist trimmers, and I feel as though, if he truly loves the city of Chicago, and the fans, he will have to decide that he will “slow his roll” and play Robin, instead of Batman for a while. Letting a healthy, Jimmy Butler, who is not phased by the bright lights, take over the show, and let the people of Chicago see their hard-working, bring it every night team, back in the forefront, until Derrick Rose can shake this nasty disease, or worse, trade him out of the city for a new, and much-needed start, since all everyone sees of Derrick Rose now is that selfish, overpaid, spotlight hungry, player, who in recent years, has only been a shell of himself, while only flashing remnants of the old Derrick Rose in either one-quarter or one lucky off the backboard playoff shot.

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Pray for D Rose, pray for the city of Chicago, because Derrick Rose syndrome looks to be affecting the city in ways that I thought were unimaginable, like the Cubs winning a playoff game for the first time since 2003. As I stated earlier, when D Rose syndrome strikes, much like Newton’s third law, if the Cubs win the World Series, I have a horrible feeling about the Bulls.


Victor Cruz keeping it 8 more than 192 with his chicks


200 side-chicks though? TWO HUNDRED?!?! This man needs an award of some sort for balancing his schedule so greatly! This man is the king of time management skills, and his fiancée is obviously, scheduling his appointments with these females, because if you haven’t already heard, Cruz’s fiancée, yesterday, sent a mass text message to all 200 side-chicks to let them know that even though they have been told by Cruz that he don’t love his fiancée, his fiancée on the other hand is letting the side chicks know that he don’t love them hoes either.

She went further as to say that all the side chicks were whores and that they meant nothing to Cruz, and she thought that it was the right time to introduce herself to all of the lovely ladies, and continued to belittle these civil servants by stating that they should think about meeting each other (all 200) and to “feel free to exchange notes.” WOW, this is a saga that SHOULD have been on “any sports wives” show immediately so we could have seen the panic run over Cruz’s face while he hastily thinks of a lie to tell America, so that he can still look like the “good guy on a come up.” One thing I can tell you now is that if he continues with these 200 side chicks, as most hard-headed athletes do, he will be a walking Future song and “fuck up some commas” in his bank account, because these chicks all smell “SIMP” on this dude!


It looks as though he thinks this story makes him even cooler, especially since he doesn’t want his name to die in the New York media, since his name is dying weekly on the football field. By confirming that this text was legitimate, he has further let me know that he is quickly turning away from the game of football, to be a Calvin Klein model forever. He really inside of his head, believes that he is the second coming of Tyson Beckford! Get real man! You came on the scene catching one-handed passes in a meaningless pregame, to the effect that Rex Ryan shouted you out countless times as you torched them on Hard Knocks! I’m not asking you to focus on one woman, because we all know what that did to Tiger’s confidence level (by the way, let that man f&%$# as many cocktail waitresses as he wants! I want the old Tiger back!).

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In addition, Victor Cruz, even when he was on the field last year, showed me that his mind is stuck in the twilight zone of those enormously, bright, New York City lights, and it seems there is no coming back from that. The guy before he suffered that horrendous season-ending injury, had the most dropped passes in the league at the time. I really don’t know where his career will end up after this season, but if he doesn’t catch at least 4-5 TD’s this year, only the bottom side chick, and a few others that don’t mind getting exposed for fame will be there for him. You can forget his fiancée sticking around if his brand isn’t still popping, which led me to believe this is why he is looking to pick up all of those modeling and commercial checks. Watch yourself Cruz, because that 200 could disappear just like your patella tendon did last year.

Fantasy Football Week 5 Waiver Wire Picks

waiver wire picks

It’s my favorite day of the week concerning fantasy football! It’s Wednesday, the stats are in, and I hope that all of your fantasy teams are in prime position to make a run! If not, don’t worry, because I have seen, in my 10 years of playing competitively, more than my fair share of 0-4 or 1-3 teams make a massive comeback, especially through the waiver wire. Most of the 2-2 teams are content and then they forget to set their optimal line ups, then next thing you know, they are where you would have been if you decide to give up now, and with my help, I can help you reach those elusive playoffs with the top 5 waiver wire warriors for week 5! Enjoy!

  1. Tavon Austin (29 points last week): The shortest player in the league strikes like an iron again! The kid is a pack of dynamite ready to go off anytime the ball touches his hands. His lateral quickness is a big key to his six receptions for 96 yards and 2 TD’s. He beat the slot corner last week on a cheeky post route diving in the end zone for a touchdown from a well placed ball from Nick Foles. Another dose of dynamite might be ready for explosion next week, I just see him and Todd Gurley as the only weapons the Rams have, especially against a strong opposition like Green Bay, and the game is at Lambeau Field. He is a great pickup, I just see him maxing out the FLEX.
  2. Charles Sims (14 points last week): The unheralded backup to come back sensation Doug Martin, Sims is the definition of a “Gruden Grinder” with his willingness to put himself on the line for great pass protection, his vision for great running lanes, and even with his meager number of snaps, he has definitely made the most of them (128). He is second on the Bucs in receptions, and is third on the team in receiving yards, not to mention he has two receiving TD’s in the last two games. Did I mention that he is only 25!? The Buccaneers have a strong stable of backs, and Sims is the perfect handcuff for Doug Martin if he ends up on the sideline. Pick him up, but watch his competition with Martin very closely.
  3. Ronnie Hillman (17 points last week): With not only his first double-digit point total of the season, Hillman also amassed his first 100 yard rushing game of the year and looked darn good doing it. He looked like he wanted the starting job over C.J. Anderson by any means necessary, ripping off a 72 yard run against a good-looking Vikings defense, who besides that tragic week one display, has played outside of their minds. Hillman was crowned the Broncos “offensive player of the game” and deservedly so. Continue to put him in the RB2/FLEX conversation.
  4. Willie Snead (14 points last week): Drew Brees and is only the second quarterback I know that regularly turns nobody’s into somebody’s. Not saying that Willie Snead is a walking sleeper pick floating among your waiver list, but this guy can get open, and he is obviously getting route running lessons from Saints legend Marques Colston. Even with Drew Brees shot-putting the ball 40-50 times a game, I see Snead getting a lot of looks this season. Pick him up and roll the dice with him in your WR3/FLEX especially against the Eagles next week!
  5. Gary Barnidge (19 points last week): If there is one thing that I know, it’s that journeyman QB’s LOVE the tight end! That statement will never get old either, as Josh McCown, and Matt Hasselback are prime examples of this theory last week. In the last two weeks (the weeks in which McCown played the entire game) Barnidge has been targeted 16 times, he has two TD’s, and gone over 70 yards in both of the outings. Feeling bold this week? If so start him, (unless you have Gronk) if not, start him because McCown can find him faster than paper plate in the snow storm!

The waiver wire warriors for week 5 have come to an end! Stay tuned for my top 5 fantasy takeaways and more!

NFL week 4 takeaways 


With week 5 upon us, I am reminded of the week, when watching Carlito’s way, simply for the fact that right as I thought I was good for covering all my bets, at the last-minute, Benny Blanco (Vegas) comes and shoots me before I can make out like a king. Even with the loss, I still enjoyed the week thoroughly with plenty of beers and anger to go hand in hand. In addition I must add that the Redskins won so Hail to the Redskins! Now my top 5 takeaways for week 4!

  1. Cleveland “smokes” rocks!: I mean come on man (Chris carter voice)! You had the Chargers on the ropes, on the road and with their first year kicker looking as nervous as an escort in a confessional! Then you blow it with an offsides penalty giving them an easier attempt in regulation! Only in Cleveland will be my new twitter hashtag for anything ridiculously stupid. I honestly hate Cleveland for that!
  2. Regular season Bengals, playoff Bungals: Here we go again! (DMX voice) The Bengals are at it again, and when I say that, I mean they are undefeated, on top of their division, and besides the Patriots, look like one of the best teams this year. I’ll book them for the playoffs yet again, but don’t look at me to tell you what they can do.
  3. 3 headed dog race aka The NFC East: With the Giants and Redskins winning and the cowboys losing, all teams are 2-2 at the moment and all 3 are believing the title is theirs. The Giants look like the easy choice with their 2 time Super Bowl winning coach and QB but that doesn’t promise anything. The Cowboys look like they will tread water until Romo returns but the news of Dez being cleared for practice is huge. The Redskins are last in the pack because of one reason: Kirk Cousins looking at bright lights, that’s a scary sight.
  4. The Colts continue to look like Oscar the grouch: The way the Colts look right now, I’m surprised a story about Jim Irsay hasn’t come about with the keywords: alcohol, pills, and hookers. Sounds mean I know, but have you seen this team!?!? They’re horrendous! They went to overtime with the Jaguars! Now people may say, “They didn’t even have Luck!” but if you’ve seen how he played, even before the Hasselbeck project, he looks like he is genuinely tired of carrying the team on his shoulders, and he honestly looks like he wants to cry for help at the podium after every game! I’m truly worried about this team.
  5. J-E-T-S JETS, JETS, JETS: First things first, I love this defense! From the front seven to the elite CB’s covering the field. I didn’t know how the WR combo of Marshall and Decker would work, but I know enough in that 4 week sample window that tells me, as long as Fitzpatrick doesn’t fold like grandma’s laundry, this team should sneak into the postseason. I want to see these guys at the end of the season throwing hay-makers back and forth with the big boys of the AFC, and they will certainly get their chance to prove their worth the first time they meet the Patriots for their first AFC East match-up.