Waiver wire pickups week 4

waiver wire picks

With last weeks waiver wire warriors behind us, let’s examine how I did on the week: Tyrod Taylor had a monster week against the Dolphins posting 24 points respectively, with Rishard Matthews exploded for the second week in a row posting 29 points in PPR leagues (23 standard). Those are my spot on picks, but on the other side we had Crockett Gilmore with 7 points, although I wouldn’t call that a failure as of yet with the Ravens schedule looking more enticing as the season progresses. Then there is Matt Jones (who?) Matt Jones, posting a horrendous score of 2 points this week, and Stevie Johnson, doing Stevie Johnson type things and going full space ghost coast to coast on me. A respectable week nonetheless, but I have 5 more waiver wire warriors that have yet to make an impact on your current roster. Let’s Begin:

  1. Marvin Jones (20 points last week): Back and in full effect for the 2015-2016 season, Marvin Jones is proving again why he is such as dynamic weapon, and why he scored 10 touchdowns in 2013-2014. He has usurped Tyler Efiert completely in the long play depth chart, and Andy Dalton continues to find him for 2-3 big plays per game. He is by far the best choice this week for my waiver wire pick up of the week and will continue to produce for a WR3/FLEX position, especially against the depleted Kansas City defense. Start him!
  2. Karlos Williams (17 points last week): With LeSean McCoy expected to miss this week because he is hobbling around on one leg, the rookie Karlos Williams continues to build his on-field and fantasy stock simultaneously, which is great for him and the fans needing that all important RB2 slot. He is a big physical back who is capable of making the first and second person miss. He should be in for a big week against a shaky Giants defense. Start him in the RB2 slot!
  3. David Carr (20 points last week): This guy is looking more and more like a franchise QB every week! (I understand it’s week 4, hear me out) The young gun is throwing the ball down the field with ease, and won on the road in a very hostile Cleveland stadium, which is known to be rowdy week in and week out. He uses his new favorite weapon Amari Cooper, early and often, and will continue to find the big plays downfield that plagued this Raiders franchise for some time now (especially with that Hayward-Bey project). Pencil this kid in for a field day versus the horrendous Bears defense, especially if you don’t have a dependable number one QB.
  4. Ryan Matthews (18 points last week): Is this the curious case of Ryan Matthews or what? The guy gets shipped out of San Diego, and then comes to Philadelphia to be a back up, only to end up the first 100 yard back the Eagles have (there’s that guy DeMarco Murray there too). He looked fantastic against a scary New York Jets team, who I had penciled in for a wild card birth, and anointed the best defense the AFC would have. Of course this would be the same week Ryan Matthews wants to show the potential he could always have if he stayed healthy. Chip and the boys are saying that he will continue to get more carries which only launches his fantasy value higher. Since I don’t completely trust him yet, plug him into your FLEX.
  5. Percy Harvin (15 points last week): Another ghost from fantasy past, Percy Harvin has emerged as a great addition to any team needing an x factor at the WR3/FLEX position. He is always a target in the play action pass for the Bills who, in three weeks, have executed that play to perfection, and continue to put Tyrod Taylor in all of the right places to make plays to this guy. He is a threat to score from anywhere, and the Bills know how to use him to score from everywhere. Match made in fantasy heaven. Start him as a WR3/FLEX.

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