NFL week 3 takeaways


The clock strikes midnight on Monday night, and as I sit in angst for week 4 immediately after, I check back on all of the games that I watched or kept track of and I noticed the high scoring numbers from the week. What a week for the offenses! I saw my fantasy team go on a real tear points wise and nothing made me happier, until I realized that if I had played on fan duel or draft kings, I could have made some real money. Other than that, I have been chomping at the bit to release this article to you, so without further delay, let’s go with my top 5 takeaways from week 3!

  1. The Redskins are who we thought they were!: The Thursday night football game did not fail to disappoint, for Giants fans at least. The Redskins were abysmal, and their performance continued to show, that if you are going to crown the Redskins, make sure they can handle the prime time lights! Kirk Cousins went, well, Kirk Cousins when it comes to playing QB in prime time. He came in on the second drive of the game and through the first of his 2 “What was that?!?!” interceptions, and went to the sideline as if he didn’t know any playbook material, nor did he look like he wanted to even re-enter the game, which was punt after punt all night until garbage time. I feel as though rooting for the Redskins ages you in dog years, and of course all ‘skins fans are back to the “we’re a QB away” chatter that came back into our hearts just last year. Unless the Redskins can run for 200 yards per game for the rest of the year, I’m buckling up my seat belt for a turbulent, 5-11 season. I can only hope Jay Gruden can survive this.
  2. The Dolphins stink!: I just felt that the line used was plenty enough for this team. The Dolphins were picked by many to make the playoffs by either winning the AFC east (how much is Brady laughing right now) or to snatch a wild card birth, which is seeming less likely by the week. They have no running game to speak of with Lamar Miller, who was apparently supposed to be a running back god-send for this team, Ryan Tannehill looks to a poor mans Andy Dalton, which writes its own jokes there, and their $90 million plus investment in Suh, looks as bad as Jason Pierre Paul’s hand in that fireworks accident. Joe Philban looks to be headed for a 7-9 season, which will call for his job, especially since he doesn’t even look like coaches the team. To think, I almost put money on these scrubs to make the playoffs! I am happy I didn’t get paid that week! Thank you bi-weekly pay, and I hate you Miami Dolphins.
  3. 2015 Silver and Black attack!: The Raiders have a winning record this year! I might have to check and see if my investments aren’t frozen, along with hell itself. This team has suffered so many losses both on and off the field, and I feel as though this would be a team the late, great, Al Davis would approve of. They can throw the heck out of the football with David Carr, they have a legit running back in Latavius Murray, Charles Woodson, is still playing, and for the Raiders again, (when they look good) and Jack Del Rio might have found his west coast Jacksonville. This looks like a match made relationship that I would place some good bets on. I want to see more of this Raiders team, and I want to see them go up against some top AFC competition so I can gauge their playoff chances. Look out for the 2015-2016 Oakland Raiders.
  4. Good thing Philadelphia won!: I honestly didn’t think that Lincoln Financial Field would still be there when the Eagles got back to town if they lost to the Jets convincingly. Better yet, they beat a good Jets team that looked like they would lean on their defense for 16 games this year. You can call the man a lot of things, but Chip Kelly knows how to rally his troops into still thinking they are the great team people talked about before the season. He got the running game going with Ryan Matthews of all people, and gave Sam Bradford the “fool-proof” plan to win the game and to play ball possession even though that is the complete opposite of the Chip Kelly manual. I’m not looking out for this team until they prove to me that this wasn’t some sort of “Rams syndrome” (definition: only playing games they have circled on their schedule).
  5. The Colts are looking like a wild card exit: I’m not getting close to the hype that the Colts could miss the playoffs. In that division? versus the TEAMS in that division? Yeah right, i’ll book the Colts to win that division, but that is all I am giving them. I can’t even see them winning 10 games, and that’s for the simple fact that Andrew Luck’s shoulders like tired of carrying that team yearly. The offensive line looks worse than ever before, the coach and gm look to be on opposite sides of the book, forget a page, and the defense looks like they are giving out free passes to score like they’re working at a state fair! This team really stinks! They’re just lucky that there is no one in that division worth winning more than 7 games. Relax Colts fans, you’ll get there, I just wouldn’t be surprised if it was an Andy Dalton led Bengals team that takes them out!

That’s all for the week 3 takeaways, look out next week for my takeaways and more!


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