Fantasy football week 3 takeaways

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Week 3 was a great offensive week! We had teams scoring points left and right! How about your fantasy team? Did they go on a scoring tear, or were they hiding under a rock? I had a week for the ages, only losing in one league out of six which is great, only if I would have ended up putting those line ups on fan duel or draft kings! I would have made out pretty good! Oh well, there is plenty of time for my daily fantasy players to make me money, now it’s time for my top 5 fantasy football takeaways for week 3!

  1. Not Catcher Freeman, but Devonta Freeman: This guy was fuego last week piling up 37 points! He ran rabid on the Cowboys defense, rushing for 141 yards, hauling in 52 receiving yards, and scoring 3 TD’s! All in the absence of number one running back Tevin Coleman, and man did he ever pick a time to flash his skills! He was cutting through the running lanes with great change of pace, adding along his willingness to explode through the holes and welcome contact on all levels of the defense. No one was able to stop this guy as he racked up big gain, time and time again, and was a huge factor in the check down game as well. As long as Tevin Coleman is out, this looks like the man in ATL, and only he can stop himself from the meteoric rise.
  2. Ice up son!: Steve Smith Sr. refuses to give up the secret to where the fountain of youth is! Racking up 30 points last week, and making Panthers fans everywhere continue the question “Why did we ever let this guy walk?” Seriously, the guy was on an IV mid-game, and STILL came back in a final attempt to finish of the job on the Bengals! He got everything he wanted after the catch, while totaling 186 yards receiving and 2 TD’s! I don’t care if him and Larry Fitzgerald know where the fountain of youth is and decline to share, it’s just too much fun watching Steve Smith run wild over all the young gun corners, and I hope it continues all season long!
  3. The grass is looking GREENer on the other side!: A.J. Green looked like he was playing for the “Mean Machine” putting up 34 points this past week, and I almost wanted to yell “The Deac is here!” when he scored that amazing fourth quarter touchdown, while beasting and feasting on ALL of the Ravens secondary. He looked like the unstoppable force he was two years ago and I see no stop in that. Not to forget, he racked up 227 yards receiving to go along with two spectacular, late game TD’s that were clutch on the part of Andy Dalton’s arm, but the play-making ability was insane, and makes me wish I had pulled the trigger to get A.J. Green in most of my leagues. Go trade for him if you can!
  4. Can’t be a sCAM any longer!: Have you seen Cam Newton this season?!?! He has been absolutely amazing especially last week shredding up a New Orleans Saints team in desperate need of a win, for 315 yards passing to go with 2 TD’s, in addition to 33 rushing yards and a rushing TD to that total! I’ll ask again, have you seen Cam Newton this year?!?! With absolutely no weapons, Cam Newton was armed with a butter-knife to go to war with, and he has brought back mink coats and anything else you could ask from a franchise quarterback! You haters have to give him the title of “Superman” clearly off of the miracles he performs weekly with that offense they put around him!
  5. A aron Rod-gers discount doubles points!: I’m convinced that Rodgers could have been a Navy seal sniper given Monday night’s 34 point performance. He was wheeling and dealing again, and with ease against a depleted, putrid, Chiefs secondary. He was drawing people offside, then chucking it up to James Jones for an easy touchdown, in addition to running the underneath pick plays to perfection. This almost seems boring to write, until I look at the actual standings which were 333 yards passing and 5 seemingly effortless TD’s! There is literally nothing that he can’t do, no throw he can’t make, and no defense he can’t fool. World class quarterback still in his prime and ready to win more Lombardi trophies!

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