NFL Week 2 Takeaways


Another week of football down in the books!!! Man last week was a great one. A lot of surprise teams (good and bad) showed up and stood out early to let people know their championship aspirations. I watched a lot of football, drank some beer and gave the good ol’ eye test to some of these teams to come with these takeaways for you guy. Now I give you, my week 2 NFL takeaways:

  1. 1/3 OF LAST YEARS PLAYOFF TEAMS ARE 0-2 AND ARE LOOKING DISGRACEFUL: The Lions, Colts, Ravens, and Seahawks who were all formidable teams last year, all looked like they were going down sh*t creek with no paddles this past weekend! The Lions offense last year who looked more confident than Mormon Godfather in a house of ill-repute, now looks like the same team who won 5 games by 3 points or less. The Colts look as dismal as Oscar the grouch on trash day. The Ravens defense has more holes in it than 50 Cent in Get rich or die tryin’ (they look pitiful). Then there is the Super Bowl runner-up Seahawks who are more dysfunctional than West Virginia kissing cousins. The Seahawks scare NO ONE anymore!! Now with the news of Kam Chancellor coming back, that may change, but the hole may be too deep to pull themselves out of since there is only a 12% chance to make the playoffs after going 0-2 to start the season! These teams are looking to go nowhere fast, but to their credit, they all have coaches that are good enough to turn their teams seasons around. Good luck to all of them, because they’ll need it
  2. EAGLES FAN MAKE MY WEEKENDS GREAT!!: I thank Eagles fans everywhere for overreacting to Chip Kelly arriving in Philly, then going as average as Andy Reid in every Andy Reid season in Philly. Then giving away all the talent because “Chip loves him some Chip” and still stating that the Eagles will be a dominant force this year. After that horrendous display on “America’s game of the week” no less, the Eagles fold like Dollar General lawn chairs (again) on the national stage and some Philly fans made my weekend so much better by posting this and that. As a Redskins fan, I am continuously in tears from laughter and I have no one but Eagles fans to thank for this!!! Thank You Eagles Fans!!!
  3. THE CARDINALS ARE THE TRUTH!!!: I know they were playing the Bears and they stink up the joint every week, but the Cardinals look like they can’t be stopped offensively!!! Carson Palmer looks like the offensive genius he was when he lead the Bengals to the playoffs only on the first throw to get that nasty ACL injury. Nevertheless, the Bruce Arians/Carson Palmer link up was probably the best thing that could happen to that team!! Did you see the rejuvenated Larry Fitzgerald?!?!? He was getting off the line like Kurt Warner was still throwing him the ball!! The running game is just average enough to keep that potent passing game active, and the running back by committee ideal works because none of those backs are bell cows. Cardinals could RUN AWAY WITH THE NFC WEST EASILY!! (yeah I know, I know, its only week two but sheesh!!)
  4. THE BRONCOS MIGHT WIN UGLY ALL THE WAY TO THE SUPER BOWL: I’ve watched two Broncos game now, and in both of those games, people, especially Broncos fans might dislike how the team is operating (winning) but I am actually a huge fan of how they are winning games. Think about it, Peyton Manning is throwing an amount of passes that will keep him upright through the playoffs. They have an average running back by committee that will be good enough to travel on the road and the playoffs, plus the fact that the defense they put on the field every week who look like a super bowl winning defense with all the requisite pieces they have!! Give me a smart but broken down Peyton in the playoffs with that team over the field this year, except of course for Tom Brady who still proves he is the one to beat, but I think Denver’s defense is better than Buffalo’s (please put it on the record now).
  5. THE PANTHERS WIN THE SNOOZE FEST DIVISION AGAIN: Yes again, I know it’s only week two but the NFC South looks like the second weakest division in the NFC (THANKS NFC EAST). Right now the Falcons are 2-0 and look like they can challenge, but I just see Cam Newton going back in a time machine and pulling an Auburn 2.0 to win the division again on his own back!!! That’s just the feeling I’m getting this year. He is flipping over people to get in the end zone, he is throwing to receivers PHILLY BROWN AND TED GINN JR!!! AND WINNING!!! I give all the credit in the world to Cam Newton, and not because I know countless Panthers fans, but because watching him weekly and seeing his toughness through winning close games and running just to stay in the game at times proves to me him and Ron Rivera’s defense will see the divisional three peat.

That’s all my takeaways for Week 2, next up is my Fantasy Football takes for Week 2!!! Stay tuned for more content!


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