Fantasy Football Week 2 Takeaways

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Fresh off the release of my NFL takeaways, I’m now doing my Week 2 takeaways for fantasy football. I forgot my waiver wire pickups for last week so I will do my waiver wire pickups for week 3 this week as well. Now I present my top 5 fantasy football takeaways for week 2!!

  1. THE LEGEND OF LARRY FITZGERALD!!: Did he jump into a DeLorean and get back all of his fantasy value?!?!?! I mean the first two weeks of the season have been exactly what the doctor ordered for his career! A 3 TD game!!! In 2015?!?!?! Now I’m pissed that I along with other watched him nose dive down the draft, only for someone with no credible receivers to speak of, picking him up and having him run wild for them. The man torched the Bears for 8 receptions, 112 yards, and 3 TD’s!!! Last week he still had 14 points with no TD’s. This sort of comeback reminds me when people said Antonio Gates was done last year (I hope minus the PED’s though). Larry Fitzgerald with 29 points for week 2.
  2.   MATT JONES!! WHO?!?!?! MATT JONES!!!!!: As a Washington Redskins fan, I’m glad that one of my teams players made it and man did he ever make it on to the national spotlight!!! In a game where the Redskins were supposed to be three and out kings, the solid running game of Morris and the man of the hour Jones carved up the vaunted St. Louis Rams defense for 182 yards rushing with Jones amassing 123 yards rushing and a touchdown by himself and if not for a late fumble would have had considerably more! This guy Matt Jones, (who?) Matt Jones (you have to do that!) is definitely the truth when it comes to toting the rock and will get his touches, it’s just with the two man committee, how long will it take Jones to pass Morris on the depth chart to increase his fantasy value. Jones ended with 24 points and his ceiling continues to rise rapidly!!
  3. MINITRON TRANSFORMS NOTHING TO SOMETHING!!: Julian “Minitron” Edelman is a PPR monster!! If you have this man in a PPR league, only trade up for top 3 receivers (Brown, Jones, Beckham). Every time I watch the Patriots play, besides Gronk looking like a man child out there, Edelman is continuously beasting and feasting, week in and week out!!! He takes 7 yard hitches and outs, then turns them into immediate YAC. He always finds the red zone when he needs to, and he is just as Stone Cold Steve Austin would say “A tough ass SOB” Trade for him if you don’t have him, keep him in every week if you do have him!!! He logged in 11 receptions (PPR monster) 97 yards and 2 touchdowns to amass 22 points this past week. Minitron > Megatron this season?!?!? Just a thought
  4.   ODELL BECKHAM JR AKA THE YAC MONSTER!!!: This is now my official name for Odell, and it will speak VOLUMES over the season. I know I just mentioned how Minitron can turn a small gain into YAC greatness, but Odell has the after burners to turn EVERYTHING in to YAC greatness!! The 67 yard touchdown he had versus the Falcons this past week showed me that they are prepared to gear up and get Odell the ball by any and all means necessary! I mean did you see that play?!?!? He had 3 defenders around him and you could see him turn the jets on and saying ” C YA!!” to every one of them!!! He had 7 receptions, 146 yards and that YAC filled touchdown run!!! My advice is DON’T TRADE HIM!!! If you thought last year was great while missing 4 games, this year he will make up for that in yards and they just announced that he will be in the slot A WHOLE LOT MORE!!! Who is guarding him in the slot!??!?! Nickel backs??? START HIM EVERY WEEK!! He ended last week with 20 points.
  5. TOM “FUCK THE RULES” BRADY IS PLAYING NO GAMES!!!: This guy goes in the 12th round of one of my leagues because of the fake suspension wrist slap and automatically goes to being the number one fantasy QB. I mean, who saw that one coming??? As I sit here writing in disgust because I should have drafted him, I knew as soon as they announced he was starting week 1, he would look to go on that 2007 tear where he posted the middle finger to the league all year!!! The guy is a first ballot HOF player who looks like his arm will never let him down as long as he wants to play!!! He carved up the heralded Bills defense for 466 yards and 3 TD’s against a team that a week before ate Andrew Luck’s Lunch!!! No slowing down for FTR (fuck the rules Brady) any time soon. Auto start Brady ended with 28 points last week.

That’s all for the Fantasy football takeaways for the week. Stay tuned for the fantasy football waiver wire pickups of the week!!!!


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