Fantasy Football Waiver Wire Pickups for Week 3

waiver wire picks

Now that the Fantasy football takeaways for week 2 are finished, I am presenting a new article for all of the fantasy football fans and owners out there who might want some waiver wire pickup advice or to compare to for the upcoming weeks!!! No more stalling, let’s get into my Top 5 Waiver Wire Pickups for week 3!:

  1. Tyrod Taylor: A lot of people, even though it’s only week 2 going into week 3, are needing a change at QB (me especially!!! Thanks Romo!!) and with the top choice for waiver wire pickups, I have to go with the young gun from Virginia Tech, who in the last two games not only showed me that he can play in this league, he can also be a fantasy football asset to a team on the rise. Personally, a few of my teams are on the cusp of greatness and need a few players who will score consistently around that projection, but on more than a few occasions light it up out there!!!! This is one of those players who last week went for 242 yards passing, 3 TD’s, 43 rushing yards, and a rushing TD for the total of 25 points!!!! Start him immediately!!!! I have in one of my leagues that I could get him in (literally this morning on the waiver wire).
  2. Crockett Gilmore: One of my friends and commissioners of one of the leagues I was in was really stern about picking up Crockett Gilmore BEFORE the season even started, and of course I laughed thinking that he would split time like all of the Ravens TE’s usually do, but with the absence of a second target in Baltimore (which I should have seen coming) Gilmore is a red zone threat and a large play threat! Just last week he went for 5 receptions, 88 yards, and 2 TD’s albeit against the Raiders, but definitely worth the waiver wire pickup, and when I checked earlier, he was available in ALL 6 of the leagues I’m in!! Pick him up and start him even if it is Cincinnati!!
  3. MATT JONES (WHO?!?!) MATT JONES: I will continuously refer to Matt Jones like that for the rest of his career. The guy is a freak of nature coming out of the Redskins backfield!!! He is a hard-nosed runner who has great change of pace skills, can bounce any run outside and has the requisite speed to outrun many defenders, and he knows when to be patient in the hole, then explode at the perfect time to maximize all runs. Legitimate threat to overtake Alfred Morris (this is a Redskins fan saying this too) and will be a sure bet behind the revamped Redskins O-Line. He had 19 attempts for 123 yards 2 TD’s and even 3 receptions for 23 yards for 24 points last week (27 PPR). Pick him up if he is available (he was available in 4 leagues) Start him in the flex if you’re not sure about him just yet.
  4. RISHARD MATTHEWS: Not well-known among the fantasy football community coming into the season for Dolphins WR’s but has staked his claim in the conversation of his coaches to give him more looks. This past week alone Matthews had 7 targets which he turned into 6 receptions for 115 yards and in week one he turned 6 targets into 4 receptions 34 yards and a TD!!! He is putting up numbers and is owned at just 18% in ESPN leagues!!!!! (I have 3 teams and I picked him up in all of them) Get him and once again if you’re cautious throw him into the flex spot and watch him work magic for you!
  5. STEVIE JOHNSON: Another WR pickup in a passing league of course its STEVIE JOHNSON!!! What?!?!!? When did he come back from the fantasy grave??? I mean this guy found life again in San Diego and he is truly making the most of it!!! Just last week he had 6 targets and turned it into 5 receptions, 45 yards and a TD, and in week one he turned all 6 of his targets in to receptions for 82 yards and another TD!!!! Pick him up off of waivers and START HIM IN THE FLEX!!! That is an order that you must follow!!! Chargers don’t have a number one (Keenan Allen Disappeared last week) and Phillip Rivers just gets it to the open man!!! START HIM IN THE FLEX!!!

Those are my Top 5 Waiver Wire pickups for Week 3!!!! All these players give you a chance to win next week (no guarantees) and they will be great additions ALL YEAR LONG!!! Thanks for reading. Next up will be my first review of the BPL (Barclay’s Premier League)


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