Fantasy Football Week 1 takeaways

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Earlier in the week I gave you my NFL game takeaways for week 1 and now for all of my fantasy football owners I’m giving you my top 5 fantasy takeaways for week 1 (If you lost week 1 don’t stop setting your roster, it’s far from over…..until you go 0-6, in that case unless you get inside Matthew Berry info ya done son). I’ll also give you my top fantasy scoring team of the week and give me your thoughts on them.

  1. JULIO JONES- MAMA THERE GOES THAT MAN!!!!: I own Julio in 3 of my 6 leagues and I can tell you this: That dude in the Kyle Shanahan X heavy favorite WR offense is looking like a MONSTAR! When the fantasy experts said he might have the best fantasy season for a WR in history, I thought that they might be taking it a little too far, but after I watched that entire game, seeing the different places they lined him up mixed in with the best launch points for Matt Ryan to get him the ball, I see HUGE numbers all season for Julio (remember in 2013 when Kyle Shanahan was OC for the Redskins and Pierre Garcon led the league in receptions?? Oh yeah). If you have Julio start him EVERY week, even the bye week because he might score then too
  2. BRONCOS FANTASY OWNERS BEWARE: YIKES!!! Seeing the mojo evaporate every quarter from Peyton Manning as an avid football fan since 2000, Seeing this Peyton Manning is disheartening and I don’t want to recognize this as his final go round. His fantasy numbers: 5. No multipliers, no jokes, JUST 5 POINTS! CJ Anderson who I have in a fluke of a pick because I hesitated in my draft (NEVER DO THIS) 7 points. For all the CJ Anderson hype and top 10 picks we got 7 points (there is a recurring theme here). The silver linings of the Broncos (in PPR leagues) was Emmanuel Sanders with 14 points and Demaryius Thomas with 13. Added together with the PPR factor, those TWO receivers can’t compare to Julio Jones and they are two prolific receivers!!! I hope Peyton can somehow use that chrome dome to churn out some value, if not you need to be unloading all Broncos players stock STAT!!!
  3. HYDE YO KIDS, HYDE YO WIFE!!!!: Carlos freaking Hyde SHEESH 32 points!!! This was the guy we saw behind Frank Gore??? I thought that the 49ers would miss Frank Gore more than advertised, but seeing that one spin move and the burst to get to the outside, Carlos Hyde folks is definitely here to stay!! All the while Mr. Gore is “icing up” every other play in Indy. Carlos Hyde will definitely finish in the top 10 for RB’s and there’s nothing any defense can do about it. Remember too that the Vikings defense he shredded was no slouch either, I just feel what will hold him back from bring top 5 is the defense he will play in his own division. I’m drinking the Carlos Hyde Kool-Aid and you should too!!
  4. 10 CARRIES A GAME ALL DAY!!: Adrian Peterson fresh off the year suspension, average draft pick of 1, and thought to shake off last years rust like the rust he knocked off last time on the road to his 2,000 yd season. This is NOT that same AP. He is 30 now, he looked jittery, he made one too many cuts when he needed to just go north and south, and he, as much as I hate to say it about one of the best RB’s I’ve ever seen and one of the most physical, he honestly looked scared to take a hit!!! Or at least he didn’t want to!!! I mean they blocked a FG early in the 1st quarter and on 3 straight plays AP was in the game and they didn’t even THINK to give him the ball!!! REALLY?!?! A former 2,000 yd rusher and staring down the barrel of the red zone and you don’t give HIM the ball ONCE!!! Something is wrong here: 10 carries, 31 yds, 8 points…. Turrible *Charles Barkley voice*
  5. HOT START CHARGERS DO IT AGAIN!!: Another season, another great start for Phillip Rivers (20 points), Keenan Allen (31 points), Danny Woodhead (22 points), and *drumroll please* Stevie Johnson (20 points)!!!! Posing as this years Eddie Royal, Stevie Johnson I predict will have a great first 4-5 weeks and then the jig will most certainly be up, but if you started Stevie Johnson, Keenan Allen, or Phillip Rivers, great plug and plays and we will definitely have to look closer and see if these numbers can remain consistent. Knowing the “Super Chargers” how I know them in fantasy though, they will hit that burnout week and start to fade away (all except Rivers who I have in only one league *proceeds to smack self*). All in all, Start Rivers, Allen, and maybe Woodhead if Gordon continues his slow “Welcome to the NFL” season.

That’s all for this week for the fantasy football takeaways week 1! Next up is the top five waiver wire picks of the week!

MY top scoring fantasy team for the week:

QB Ben Roethlisberger, Pit QB L 21-28 18
RB C.J. Anderson, Den RB  Q W 19-13 7
RB LeSean McCoy, Buf RB  P W 27-14 11
WR DeAndre Hopkins, Hou WR L 20-27 33
WR Jordan Matthews, Phi WR L 24-26 20
TE Zach Ertz, Phi TE L 24-26 8
FLEX Alfred Morris, Wsh RB L 10-17 12
D/ST Jets D/ST D/ST W 31-10 17
K Cody Parkey, Phi K L 24-26 5

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