The Bottom Line is: The Facebook Dislike button will be CATASTROPHIC

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Facebook recently announcing that they will be endorsing a Dislike button will be DEADLY for 5 following reasons:

  1. BABY MOTHERS WILL DESTROY MORE PROPERTY: There’s always that one chick you didn’t know was pregnant or even had a baby (we all know one). This chick will suffer the consequences a lot more than she realizes and this is the chick that will USE THIS BUTTON THE MOST (mark my words) with dislikes talking about the baby father and the baby father will dislike the picture of their own children (guarantee this will happen multiple times in the first few weeks). The baby mom posts of “I’m independent and no body ever gave me shit especially my dead beat baby daddy” posts will be received no longer with comments of “Oh wow” and “tell ’em girl!” there will only be a record number of dislikes and confused Manning faces.
  2. RAPPERS WILL FINALLY FEEL THE LONG OVERDUE WRATH: Local rappers will possibly be hurt the most by this simplistic button. No longer will they post sub par music to the tune of 2 likes, people wishing they could comment with their real opinion, and those who wished they had this dislike button 10 years ago. This category might lead to the most Facebook homicides…(funny but may be true)
  3. HIGH SCHOOL WEAK KIDS WILL BE SCARED TO POST: Remember back in High School or Middle School when bullying was a right of passage that made you sink or swim? In this digital age with internet bullying and wussies over saturating the school halls, this dislike button will destroy the psyche of the bullied weak kid in High School, which will lead to the 2nd most homicides caused by the Facebook dislike button.
  4. OLD PEOPLE (PARENTS & GRANDPARENTS) WILL FINALLY KNOW THEY’RE WASHED UP: Every parent or grand parent who posts on Facebook religiously probably has no idea that their kids don’t want to see them logged in to Facebook let alone see their “old people post” of “Remember back in 1969” and so on post. The dislikes on those post will reach all new highs if those people are as bold as they will be with the rest of their friends. Parents and grandparents everywhere will cut off support to their loved ones over this button and I can’t wait to see it.
  5. MEME RE-POSTS WILL GET DESTROYED: Now when I say memes getting destroyed I don’t mean the short, right to the point funny ones, I’m talking about those long drawn out, and so many words you have to think about if it actually makes sense ones. Those memes that people actually write themselves and hope for likes and comments will meet a cataclysmic demise and this is the one I am the most intrigued to see because I will be pressing the dislike button the most on this category.

To sum this up when that dislike button comes to Facebook, the slander will be real, and it will definitely tilt Instagram to create a dislike button and that will need a top 20 list when that day comes. Looks like the hate will prevail again on social media. Dislike 1 Like 0

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