NFL Week 1 takeaways


It was a wild and unorthodox week 1 that needed all kinds of explanations for NFL fans everywhere. Let’s get to the 5 takeaways I had for week 1:

  1. THE COLTS ARE WHO WE THOUGHT THEY WERE???: Going into the season a LOT of people who I know personally picked the Colts to be in the Super Bowl as it makes sense that Andrew Luck lead them a step further every year, but that Week 1 display (yes i realize it’s only week one) was dismal! The whole game I saw Rex Ryan’s defense putting Andrew Luck on his back more than a Taiwanese whorehouse. They got some garbage time touchdowns, but when Tyrod Taylor out duels a Pro bowl QB (I’m a VA Tech fan by the way so I’ve seen Tyrod play) then you might have a problem. I won’t count them out yet, but I will be watching them closely.
  2. THE PATRIOTS CANT STOP THE CHEATING STIGMA: The Patriots fresh off another scandal filled year enter the season with their QB unscathed after dodging a 4 game suspension and guess what happens? First on the nationally televised NBC broadcast, they announce that inside of the communication headsets for the STEELERS, the broadcast for the PATRIOTS radio was interfering/playing inside of the Steelers headsets DURING the game (which later they figured out and was said to be only for a couple of plays in a drive). After the fact, there were numerous videos posted about the game clock being reset after Tom Brady gave an ALLEGED signal to reset the clock from 10 seconds back to 25. Oh how the Patriots can never escape this (video can be found here).
  3. PACMAN JONES BACK?!?!?!: During an otherwise snoozer of a contest corner back Adam “The artist formerly known as Pacman” Jones flipped his wig on rookie wide receiver Amari Cooper. After tackling Cooper, Jones decided that the rookie needed another realistic welcome to the NFL hit and removed Coopers’ helmet and then slammed his head on it to let him know “It’s real out here” in the NFL world. In a surprise decision however, Jones was neither ejected from the game nor suspended for this action, but Ndamukong Suh was ejected and suspended for this here. Possible head injury < already injured leg?
  4. THE GIANTS SWITCHED PLACES WITH THE COWBOYS: When it comes to a team that you know will implode at the worst time, the team that nationally comes to the forefront is always the Dallas Cowboys. Except for Cowboys fans, everyone who has seen the Cowboys play on a Sunday or Monday night know how fast the Cowboy implosion can occur and how it can resemble the quicksand Shane Falco talked about in The Replacements. Instead, on Sunday night we were introduced to the new “Accident waiting to happen” the New York “football” Giants have shat the bed too many times for me to ignore, and Sunday night solidified this with me when I witnessed the worst clock management series I’ve seen in years of watching the professional game. Get it together bottom dwellers!
  5. $50+ MILLION FOR 11 CARRIES WITH 2 RUNNING BACKS???: The Eagles played Julio and the gang and lost a “closer than it should have been” game and had “Glasshouse” Sam Bradford throw 52 times!!!! A guy coming off of not 1, count ’em 2 ACL INJURIES and you drop him back 52 times!?!?! I can’t fathom how that happens because you spend more than $50 million and can’t run the football….. That’s all I got and that is sad for this team. I see them getting better throughout the season in a shaky 2 headed divisional race between the Cowboys and Eagles (coming from a Redskins fan)

Honorable Mention: The Seattle Seahawks for coming back in a tough Edward Jones Dome and taking it to overtime only to try a cheeky onside kick and a pitiful shotgun run on 4th and 1 against a very capable Defensive line in the Rams who were more than prepared to stop Beast Mode….Turrible *Charles Barkley voice*

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