Rounders and the NFL

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One of my favorite times of the year starts with NFL training camp and one of my favorite movies of all time is ROUNDERS.  This ahead of its time movie, meshed with the 2015 NFL season which has a few story lines for the making of a season as dramatic (and predictable)  as the CW classic The Game (I’ll never associate it with the filth station that destroyed it aka Black Evil Televison– see Boondocks season 2) has me thinking from my last viewing (making the total views now 101) which tea and which characters from the movie will go tilt, busy, and flush (the jargon is 100x better when viewing the movie). They make it sound a lot cooler than I am (for now).  So without further ado I will now introduce the Rounders to NFL Awards!!!

The Joey Knish Award: Given to the Team/Player who…

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