Fairytale Thoughts vs. Realistic Lifestyles vol. 1

ftt vs rls

To whom it may concern,

I have been on twitter since 2010, and while tweeting over 18,000 times, I have also researched a theory that I am branding exclusively for the internets, and that Is the Fairytale Thoughts vs. Realistic Lifestyles ( formula FT-BS= RL…more on this later). What I have found is that bullshit walks a lot farther than people have realized, leading to the creation of on site credential spotters such as these fine social media networks, location spotting smart phones, as well as this new phenomenon periscope which will take this theory based formula to acknowledged law in no time!

The bottom line is this…We see fairytale thoughts pop up on social media from men and women every 3-4 seconds (depending on how poppin ya TL is). For example, just today I saw a chance for a guy to step up his marketing on his event (Hennyfest. First part of the formula FT for the fairytale portion). Nothing wrong with it, it was just a couple of the Hennypalooza guys saw it as sharing the wave and on twitter you know there can only be one Otto Rocket on the waves in 2015. Now when the Hennypalooza guys outed him for trying to steal the wave, the guy from Hennyfest was faced with that life altering Dave Chappelle, “When keeping it real goes wrong moments” and he chose to definitely keep it real (in fairytale circumstances). The guy first states that (paraphrasing) “We’re not wave stealing, there’s plenty of room for everybody to eat, plus we’ve been doing this for 10 years (first mistake, second part of the formula for BULLSHIT). Then already faced with his deception, he decides to go Will Smith from Focus and continue with the lie no matter what happens throughout the whole ordeal disses Hennypalooza, saying it was for the Weirdo hipsters (second mistake, as well as BULLSHIT to the second power). The next mistake was the guy then stating that they had been doing it for 15 YEARS (BULLSHIT is adding instead of subtracting as you can see) and the only reason it hasn’t been bigger or more known for its Hennessy leading product placement was because was invitation only. Not to already add insult to injury on this day for him, but you’re telling me with the amount of people making money off of Twitter and other platforms off of waves they’ve already started before social media, or thereafter, that you had no intention of making that event, after 15 YEARS bigger, better, or more marketable?!?! This may seem like slander, but please don’t confuse it. This man just needs help and my formula is here to provide that to him. You would actually want him to receive help after you here that the poor guy didn’t even have the event going for 2 YEARS because in another post found by you twitter trolls out there somewhere, it was found that this would only be Hennyfest 2.0 and that he created the event because Hennypalooza was commercialized and the lines were too long for the open bar and it was “too crowded” for his liking. This right here is a serious cry for help and this man must be escorted out of LA LA LAND, not to be confused with…never-mind. The point is, in this equation, fam violated the Formula of Fairytale Thoughts by saying Hennyfest was completely organic and had no similarity (or water gun spraying Hennessy) to Hennypalooza, then sprinkled the Bullshit on HEAVY by saying they been poppin’ for 10 years, then 15 years, but in the in the equation balanced out (as always) with the Realistic Lifestyle of a man just wanting an event of his own (even if it is only in year 2) and wanting it to be successful and someday profitable, nothing wrong with that at all. My advice? Stick to the right side of the situation, because we all know what happens when you start going to the left.


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