Some call it the D Rose rule, others, D Rose syndrome

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Today, I found myself reading some articles on basketball, and talking to a few friends on what to write about. Upon request, I was asked to write something in the neighborhood of Derrick Rose’s injury prone nature. That has led me to further explore the very nature of how this rule came about, and most Chicago fans, when I was researching this topic, have said that this very rule has contributed to the Bulls underachieving for so long, and having the controversy attached along to their rich sports history (except for the Cubs, who can change that in the coming month).

When I looked up the official language for the Derrick Rose rule, I was quite intrigued by what I read, because of the fact that the rule was almost “strategically” placed in the collective bargaining agreement that was signed that same year (this will tie itself together in a few). As it was stated, the Derrick Rose rule is as follows: “After a player has completed his rookie salary, if he has twice been voted an All-Star starter, twice been voted All-NBA, or won an MVP, he is eligible for a maximum salary of 30% of the salary cap rather than 25% like everyone else, a change of a couple million dollars a year.” Now that may not seem like a lot jumping from 25% to 30%, but considering that the Bulls are now in a struggle to find cap space, and lucky that Mike Dunleavy was willing to take a hometown discount, instead of packing for Cleveland, the Derrick Rose rule is starting to look like it is crippling the Bulls.

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If you have seen the same Chicago Bulls that I have seen since his new contract was implemented, you will see that first and foremost, that with the Derrick Rose rule, comes the Derrick Rose syndrome which I have defined as “Any player who has signed a lucrative contract, seen bright lights, cameras, and endorsements, and then plummets substantially, over the years of said contract, whether it be in statistics, fan base or both, then become a shell of his/her self, all the while going from crowd favorite to crowd punching bag, will suffer from the unrelenting disease known as Derrick Rose syndrome, leaving said victim with less than a 10% chance of recovering.

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This disease has taken on different names or forms in the past, but in today’s NBA, with them crowning so many before their time, the introduction of the official Derrick Rose rule had to come with some backlash of the syndrome. This would be the same comparison as Newton’s third law of motion stating: “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” As simply as that law is stated, the Derrick Rose syndrome has formed and snowballed over time with the same simplicity. From Derrick Rose at his pinnacle, winning the MVP, then turning around and tearing an ACL, to him coming back that next year and tearing the opposite ACL, then to him missing over half the season, making Adidas commercials that put him back on a pedestal, that he was not completely deserving of, talking about free agency TWO years before it takes place, and finally, having Jimmy Butler replace his stardom on the court with teammates, as well as the fans, not to mention now, Butler and Rose looking like the worst back court pairing, since they obviously see the game on opposite spectrum’s (see the equal and opposite reaction flowing throughout?).

I wish the best for Derrick Rose to be in the 10% of players that dodge the Derrick Rose syndrome, but as it was aptly named after him, it would seem as though his chances of shaking this career-deadly syndrome are slimmer than spandex waist trimmers, and I feel as though, if he truly loves the city of Chicago, and the fans, he will have to decide that he will “slow his roll” and play Robin, instead of Batman for a while. Letting a healthy, Jimmy Butler, who is not phased by the bright lights, take over the show, and let the people of Chicago see their hard-working, bring it every night team, back in the forefront, until Derrick Rose can shake this nasty disease, or worse, trade him out of the city for a new, and much-needed start, since all everyone sees of Derrick Rose now is that selfish, overpaid, spotlight hungry, player, who in recent years, has only been a shell of himself, while only flashing remnants of the old Derrick Rose in either one-quarter or one lucky off the backboard playoff shot.

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Pray for D Rose, pray for the city of Chicago, because Derrick Rose syndrome looks to be affecting the city in ways that I thought were unimaginable, like the Cubs winning a playoff game for the first time since 2003. As I stated earlier, when D Rose syndrome strikes, much like Newton’s third law, if the Cubs win the World Series, I have a horrible feeling about the Bulls.


Victor Cruz keeping it 8 more than 192 with his chicks


200 side-chicks though? TWO HUNDRED?!?! This man needs an award of some sort for balancing his schedule so greatly! This man is the king of time management skills, and his fiancée is obviously, scheduling his appointments with these females, because if you haven’t already heard, Cruz’s fiancée, yesterday, sent a mass text message to all 200 side-chicks to let them know that even though they have been told by Cruz that he don’t love his fiancée, his fiancée on the other hand is letting the side chicks know that he don’t love them hoes either.

She went further as to say that all the side chicks were whores and that they meant nothing to Cruz, and she thought that it was the right time to introduce herself to all of the lovely ladies, and continued to belittle these civil servants by stating that they should think about meeting each other (all 200) and to “feel free to exchange notes.” WOW, this is a saga that SHOULD have been on “any sports wives” show immediately so we could have seen the panic run over Cruz’s face while he hastily thinks of a lie to tell America, so that he can still look like the “good guy on a come up.” One thing I can tell you now is that if he continues with these 200 side chicks, as most hard-headed athletes do, he will be a walking Future song and “fuck up some commas” in his bank account, because these chicks all smell “SIMP” on this dude!


It looks as though he thinks this story makes him even cooler, especially since he doesn’t want his name to die in the New York media, since his name is dying weekly on the football field. By confirming that this text was legitimate, he has further let me know that he is quickly turning away from the game of football, to be a Calvin Klein model forever. He really inside of his head, believes that he is the second coming of Tyson Beckford! Get real man! You came on the scene catching one-handed passes in a meaningless pregame, to the effect that Rex Ryan shouted you out countless times as you torched them on Hard Knocks! I’m not asking you to focus on one woman, because we all know what that did to Tiger’s confidence level (by the way, let that man f&%$# as many cocktail waitresses as he wants! I want the old Tiger back!).

th (1)

In addition, Victor Cruz, even when he was on the field last year, showed me that his mind is stuck in the twilight zone of those enormously, bright, New York City lights, and it seems there is no coming back from that. The guy before he suffered that horrendous season-ending injury, had the most dropped passes in the league at the time. I really don’t know where his career will end up after this season, but if he doesn’t catch at least 4-5 TD’s this year, only the bottom side chick, and a few others that don’t mind getting exposed for fame will be there for him. You can forget his fiancée sticking around if his brand isn’t still popping, which led me to believe this is why he is looking to pick up all of those modeling and commercial checks. Watch yourself Cruz, because that 200 could disappear just like your patella tendon did last year.

Fantasy Football Week 5 Waiver Wire Picks

waiver wire picks

It’s my favorite day of the week concerning fantasy football! It’s Wednesday, the stats are in, and I hope that all of your fantasy teams are in prime position to make a run! If not, don’t worry, because I have seen, in my 10 years of playing competitively, more than my fair share of 0-4 or 1-3 teams make a massive comeback, especially through the waiver wire. Most of the 2-2 teams are content and then they forget to set their optimal line ups, then next thing you know, they are where you would have been if you decide to give up now, and with my help, I can help you reach those elusive playoffs with the top 5 waiver wire warriors for week 5! Enjoy!

  1. Tavon Austin (29 points last week): The shortest player in the league strikes like an iron again! The kid is a pack of dynamite ready to go off anytime the ball touches his hands. His lateral quickness is a big key to his six receptions for 96 yards and 2 TD’s. He beat the slot corner last week on a cheeky post route diving in the end zone for a touchdown from a well placed ball from Nick Foles. Another dose of dynamite might be ready for explosion next week, I just see him and Todd Gurley as the only weapons the Rams have, especially against a strong opposition like Green Bay, and the game is at Lambeau Field. He is a great pickup, I just see him maxing out the FLEX.
  2. Charles Sims (14 points last week): The unheralded backup to come back sensation Doug Martin, Sims is the definition of a “Gruden Grinder” with his willingness to put himself on the line for great pass protection, his vision for great running lanes, and even with his meager number of snaps, he has definitely made the most of them (128). He is second on the Bucs in receptions, and is third on the team in receiving yards, not to mention he has two receiving TD’s in the last two games. Did I mention that he is only 25!? The Buccaneers have a strong stable of backs, and Sims is the perfect handcuff for Doug Martin if he ends up on the sideline. Pick him up, but watch his competition with Martin very closely.
  3. Ronnie Hillman (17 points last week): With not only his first double-digit point total of the season, Hillman also amassed his first 100 yard rushing game of the year and looked darn good doing it. He looked like he wanted the starting job over C.J. Anderson by any means necessary, ripping off a 72 yard run against a good-looking Vikings defense, who besides that tragic week one display, has played outside of their minds. Hillman was crowned the Broncos “offensive player of the game” and deservedly so. Continue to put him in the RB2/FLEX conversation.
  4. Willie Snead (14 points last week): Drew Brees and is only the second quarterback I know that regularly turns nobody’s into somebody’s. Not saying that Willie Snead is a walking sleeper pick floating among your waiver list, but this guy can get open, and he is obviously getting route running lessons from Saints legend Marques Colston. Even with Drew Brees shot-putting the ball 40-50 times a game, I see Snead getting a lot of looks this season. Pick him up and roll the dice with him in your WR3/FLEX especially against the Eagles next week!
  5. Gary Barnidge (19 points last week): If there is one thing that I know, it’s that journeyman QB’s LOVE the tight end! That statement will never get old either, as Josh McCown, and Matt Hasselback are prime examples of this theory last week. In the last two weeks (the weeks in which McCown played the entire game) Barnidge has been targeted 16 times, he has two TD’s, and gone over 70 yards in both of the outings. Feeling bold this week? If so start him, (unless you have Gronk) if not, start him because McCown can find him faster than paper plate in the snow storm!

The waiver wire warriors for week 5 have come to an end! Stay tuned for my top 5 fantasy takeaways and more!

NFL week 4 takeaways 


With week 5 upon us, I am reminded of the week, when watching Carlito’s way, simply for the fact that right as I thought I was good for covering all my bets, at the last-minute, Benny Blanco (Vegas) comes and shoots me before I can make out like a king. Even with the loss, I still enjoyed the week thoroughly with plenty of beers and anger to go hand in hand. In addition I must add that the Redskins won so Hail to the Redskins! Now my top 5 takeaways for week 4!

  1. Cleveland “smokes” rocks!: I mean come on man (Chris carter voice)! You had the Chargers on the ropes, on the road and with their first year kicker looking as nervous as an escort in a confessional! Then you blow it with an offsides penalty giving them an easier attempt in regulation! Only in Cleveland will be my new twitter hashtag for anything ridiculously stupid. I honestly hate Cleveland for that!
  2. Regular season Bengals, playoff Bungals: Here we go again! (DMX voice) The Bengals are at it again, and when I say that, I mean they are undefeated, on top of their division, and besides the Patriots, look like one of the best teams this year. I’ll book them for the playoffs yet again, but don’t look at me to tell you what they can do.
  3. 3 headed dog race aka The NFC East: With the Giants and Redskins winning and the cowboys losing, all teams are 2-2 at the moment and all 3 are believing the title is theirs. The Giants look like the easy choice with their 2 time Super Bowl winning coach and QB but that doesn’t promise anything. The Cowboys look like they will tread water until Romo returns but the news of Dez being cleared for practice is huge. The Redskins are last in the pack because of one reason: Kirk Cousins looking at bright lights, that’s a scary sight.
  4. The Colts continue to look like Oscar the grouch: The way the Colts look right now, I’m surprised a story about Jim Irsay hasn’t come about with the keywords: alcohol, pills, and hookers. Sounds mean I know, but have you seen this team!?!? They’re horrendous! They went to overtime with the Jaguars! Now people may say, “They didn’t even have Luck!” but if you’ve seen how he played, even before the Hasselbeck project, he looks like he is genuinely tired of carrying the team on his shoulders, and he honestly looks like he wants to cry for help at the podium after every game! I’m truly worried about this team.
  5. J-E-T-S JETS, JETS, JETS: First things first, I love this defense! From the front seven to the elite CB’s covering the field. I didn’t know how the WR combo of Marshall and Decker would work, but I know enough in that 4 week sample window that tells me, as long as Fitzpatrick doesn’t fold like grandma’s laundry, this team should sneak into the postseason. I want to see these guys at the end of the season throwing hay-makers back and forth with the big boys of the AFC, and they will certainly get their chance to prove their worth the first time they meet the Patriots for their first AFC East match-up.

Fantasy football week 3 takeaways

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Week 3 was a great offensive week! We had teams scoring points left and right! How about your fantasy team? Did they go on a scoring tear, or were they hiding under a rock? I had a week for the ages, only losing in one league out of six which is great, only if I would have ended up putting those line ups on fan duel or draft kings! I would have made out pretty good! Oh well, there is plenty of time for my daily fantasy players to make me money, now it’s time for my top 5 fantasy football takeaways for week 3!

  1. Not Catcher Freeman, but Devonta Freeman: This guy was fuego last week piling up 37 points! He ran rabid on the Cowboys defense, rushing for 141 yards, hauling in 52 receiving yards, and scoring 3 TD’s! All in the absence of number one running back Tevin Coleman, and man did he ever pick a time to flash his skills! He was cutting through the running lanes with great change of pace, adding along his willingness to explode through the holes and welcome contact on all levels of the defense. No one was able to stop this guy as he racked up big gain, time and time again, and was a huge factor in the check down game as well. As long as Tevin Coleman is out, this looks like the man in ATL, and only he can stop himself from the meteoric rise.
  2. Ice up son!: Steve Smith Sr. refuses to give up the secret to where the fountain of youth is! Racking up 30 points last week, and making Panthers fans everywhere continue the question “Why did we ever let this guy walk?” Seriously, the guy was on an IV mid-game, and STILL came back in a final attempt to finish of the job on the Bengals! He got everything he wanted after the catch, while totaling 186 yards receiving and 2 TD’s! I don’t care if him and Larry Fitzgerald know where the fountain of youth is and decline to share, it’s just too much fun watching Steve Smith run wild over all the young gun corners, and I hope it continues all season long!
  3. The grass is looking GREENer on the other side!: A.J. Green looked like he was playing for the “Mean Machine” putting up 34 points this past week, and I almost wanted to yell “The Deac is here!” when he scored that amazing fourth quarter touchdown, while beasting and feasting on ALL of the Ravens secondary. He looked like the unstoppable force he was two years ago and I see no stop in that. Not to forget, he racked up 227 yards receiving to go along with two spectacular, late game TD’s that were clutch on the part of Andy Dalton’s arm, but the play-making ability was insane, and makes me wish I had pulled the trigger to get A.J. Green in most of my leagues. Go trade for him if you can!
  4. Can’t be a sCAM any longer!: Have you seen Cam Newton this season?!?! He has been absolutely amazing especially last week shredding up a New Orleans Saints team in desperate need of a win, for 315 yards passing to go with 2 TD’s, in addition to 33 rushing yards and a rushing TD to that total! I’ll ask again, have you seen Cam Newton this year?!?! With absolutely no weapons, Cam Newton was armed with a butter-knife to go to war with, and he has brought back mink coats and anything else you could ask from a franchise quarterback! You haters have to give him the title of “Superman” clearly off of the miracles he performs weekly with that offense they put around him!
  5. A aron Rod-gers discount doubles points!: I’m convinced that Rodgers could have been a Navy seal sniper given Monday night’s 34 point performance. He was wheeling and dealing again, and with ease against a depleted, putrid, Chiefs secondary. He was drawing people offside, then chucking it up to James Jones for an easy touchdown, in addition to running the underneath pick plays to perfection. This almost seems boring to write, until I look at the actual standings which were 333 yards passing and 5 seemingly effortless TD’s! There is literally nothing that he can’t do, no throw he can’t make, and no defense he can’t fool. World class quarterback still in his prime and ready to win more Lombardi trophies!

NFL week 3 takeaways


The clock strikes midnight on Monday night, and as I sit in angst for week 4 immediately after, I check back on all of the games that I watched or kept track of and I noticed the high scoring numbers from the week. What a week for the offenses! I saw my fantasy team go on a real tear points wise and nothing made me happier, until I realized that if I had played on fan duel or draft kings, I could have made some real money. Other than that, I have been chomping at the bit to release this article to you, so without further delay, let’s go with my top 5 takeaways from week 3!

  1. The Redskins are who we thought they were!: The Thursday night football game did not fail to disappoint, for Giants fans at least. The Redskins were abysmal, and their performance continued to show, that if you are going to crown the Redskins, make sure they can handle the prime time lights! Kirk Cousins went, well, Kirk Cousins when it comes to playing QB in prime time. He came in on the second drive of the game and through the first of his 2 “What was that?!?!” interceptions, and went to the sideline as if he didn’t know any playbook material, nor did he look like he wanted to even re-enter the game, which was punt after punt all night until garbage time. I feel as though rooting for the Redskins ages you in dog years, and of course all ‘skins fans are back to the “we’re a QB away” chatter that came back into our hearts just last year. Unless the Redskins can run for 200 yards per game for the rest of the year, I’m buckling up my seat belt for a turbulent, 5-11 season. I can only hope Jay Gruden can survive this.
  2. The Dolphins stink!: I just felt that the line used was plenty enough for this team. The Dolphins were picked by many to make the playoffs by either winning the AFC east (how much is Brady laughing right now) or to snatch a wild card birth, which is seeming less likely by the week. They have no running game to speak of with Lamar Miller, who was apparently supposed to be a running back god-send for this team, Ryan Tannehill looks to a poor mans Andy Dalton, which writes its own jokes there, and their $90 million plus investment in Suh, looks as bad as Jason Pierre Paul’s hand in that fireworks accident. Joe Philban looks to be headed for a 7-9 season, which will call for his job, especially since he doesn’t even look like coaches the team. To think, I almost put money on these scrubs to make the playoffs! I am happy I didn’t get paid that week! Thank you bi-weekly pay, and I hate you Miami Dolphins.
  3. 2015 Silver and Black attack!: The Raiders have a winning record this year! I might have to check and see if my investments aren’t frozen, along with hell itself. This team has suffered so many losses both on and off the field, and I feel as though this would be a team the late, great, Al Davis would approve of. They can throw the heck out of the football with David Carr, they have a legit running back in Latavius Murray, Charles Woodson, is still playing, and for the Raiders again, (when they look good) and Jack Del Rio might have found his west coast Jacksonville. This looks like a match made relationship that I would place some good bets on. I want to see more of this Raiders team, and I want to see them go up against some top AFC competition so I can gauge their playoff chances. Look out for the 2015-2016 Oakland Raiders.
  4. Good thing Philadelphia won!: I honestly didn’t think that Lincoln Financial Field would still be there when the Eagles got back to town if they lost to the Jets convincingly. Better yet, they beat a good Jets team that looked like they would lean on their defense for 16 games this year. You can call the man a lot of things, but Chip Kelly knows how to rally his troops into still thinking they are the great team people talked about before the season. He got the running game going with Ryan Matthews of all people, and gave Sam Bradford the “fool-proof” plan to win the game and to play ball possession even though that is the complete opposite of the Chip Kelly manual. I’m not looking out for this team until they prove to me that this wasn’t some sort of “Rams syndrome” (definition: only playing games they have circled on their schedule).
  5. The Colts are looking like a wild card exit: I’m not getting close to the hype that the Colts could miss the playoffs. In that division? versus the TEAMS in that division? Yeah right, i’ll book the Colts to win that division, but that is all I am giving them. I can’t even see them winning 10 games, and that’s for the simple fact that Andrew Luck’s shoulders like tired of carrying that team yearly. The offensive line looks worse than ever before, the coach and gm look to be on opposite sides of the book, forget a page, and the defense looks like they are giving out free passes to score like they’re working at a state fair! This team really stinks! They’re just lucky that there is no one in that division worth winning more than 7 games. Relax Colts fans, you’ll get there, I just wouldn’t be surprised if it was an Andy Dalton led Bengals team that takes them out!

That’s all for the week 3 takeaways, look out next week for my takeaways and more!

Waiver wire pickups week 4

waiver wire picks

With last weeks waiver wire warriors behind us, let’s examine how I did on the week: Tyrod Taylor had a monster week against the Dolphins posting 24 points respectively, with Rishard Matthews exploded for the second week in a row posting 29 points in PPR leagues (23 standard). Those are my spot on picks, but on the other side we had Crockett Gilmore with 7 points, although I wouldn’t call that a failure as of yet with the Ravens schedule looking more enticing as the season progresses. Then there is Matt Jones (who?) Matt Jones, posting a horrendous score of 2 points this week, and Stevie Johnson, doing Stevie Johnson type things and going full space ghost coast to coast on me. A respectable week nonetheless, but I have 5 more waiver wire warriors that have yet to make an impact on your current roster. Let’s Begin:

  1. Marvin Jones (20 points last week): Back and in full effect for the 2015-2016 season, Marvin Jones is proving again why he is such as dynamic weapon, and why he scored 10 touchdowns in 2013-2014. He has usurped Tyler Efiert completely in the long play depth chart, and Andy Dalton continues to find him for 2-3 big plays per game. He is by far the best choice this week for my waiver wire pick up of the week and will continue to produce for a WR3/FLEX position, especially against the depleted Kansas City defense. Start him!
  2. Karlos Williams (17 points last week): With LeSean McCoy expected to miss this week because he is hobbling around on one leg, the rookie Karlos Williams continues to build his on-field and fantasy stock simultaneously, which is great for him and the fans needing that all important RB2 slot. He is a big physical back who is capable of making the first and second person miss. He should be in for a big week against a shaky Giants defense. Start him in the RB2 slot!
  3. David Carr (20 points last week): This guy is looking more and more like a franchise QB every week! (I understand it’s week 4, hear me out) The young gun is throwing the ball down the field with ease, and won on the road in a very hostile Cleveland stadium, which is known to be rowdy week in and week out. He uses his new favorite weapon Amari Cooper, early and often, and will continue to find the big plays downfield that plagued this Raiders franchise for some time now (especially with that Hayward-Bey project). Pencil this kid in for a field day versus the horrendous Bears defense, especially if you don’t have a dependable number one QB.
  4. Ryan Matthews (18 points last week): Is this the curious case of Ryan Matthews or what? The guy gets shipped out of San Diego, and then comes to Philadelphia to be a back up, only to end up the first 100 yard back the Eagles have (there’s that guy DeMarco Murray there too). He looked fantastic against a scary New York Jets team, who I had penciled in for a wild card birth, and anointed the best defense the AFC would have. Of course this would be the same week Ryan Matthews wants to show the potential he could always have if he stayed healthy. Chip and the boys are saying that he will continue to get more carries which only launches his fantasy value higher. Since I don’t completely trust him yet, plug him into your FLEX.
  5. Percy Harvin (15 points last week): Another ghost from fantasy past, Percy Harvin has emerged as a great addition to any team needing an x factor at the WR3/FLEX position. He is always a target in the play action pass for the Bills who, in three weeks, have executed that play to perfection, and continue to put Tyrod Taylor in all of the right places to make plays to this guy. He is a threat to score from anywhere, and the Bills know how to use him to score from everywhere. Match made in fantasy heaven. Start him as a WR3/FLEX.

Fantasy Football Waiver Wire Pickups for Week 3

waiver wire picks

Now that the Fantasy football takeaways for week 2 are finished, I am presenting a new article for all of the fantasy football fans and owners out there who might want some waiver wire pickup advice or to compare to for the upcoming weeks!!! No more stalling, let’s get into my Top 5 Waiver Wire Pickups for week 3!:

  1. Tyrod Taylor: A lot of people, even though it’s only week 2 going into week 3, are needing a change at QB (me especially!!! Thanks Romo!!) and with the top choice for waiver wire pickups, I have to go with the young gun from Virginia Tech, who in the last two games not only showed me that he can play in this league, he can also be a fantasy football asset to a team on the rise. Personally, a few of my teams are on the cusp of greatness and need a few players who will score consistently around that projection, but on more than a few occasions light it up out there!!!! This is one of those players who last week went for 242 yards passing, 3 TD’s, 43 rushing yards, and a rushing TD for the total of 25 points!!!! Start him immediately!!!! I have in one of my leagues that I could get him in (literally this morning on the waiver wire).
  2. Crockett Gilmore: One of my friends and commissioners of one of the leagues I was in was really stern about picking up Crockett Gilmore BEFORE the season even started, and of course I laughed thinking that he would split time like all of the Ravens TE’s usually do, but with the absence of a second target in Baltimore (which I should have seen coming) Gilmore is a red zone threat and a large play threat! Just last week he went for 5 receptions, 88 yards, and 2 TD’s albeit against the Raiders, but definitely worth the waiver wire pickup, and when I checked earlier, he was available in ALL 6 of the leagues I’m in!! Pick him up and start him even if it is Cincinnati!!
  3. MATT JONES (WHO?!?!) MATT JONES: I will continuously refer to Matt Jones like that for the rest of his career. The guy is a freak of nature coming out of the Redskins backfield!!! He is a hard-nosed runner who has great change of pace skills, can bounce any run outside and has the requisite speed to outrun many defenders, and he knows when to be patient in the hole, then explode at the perfect time to maximize all runs. Legitimate threat to overtake Alfred Morris (this is a Redskins fan saying this too) and will be a sure bet behind the revamped Redskins O-Line. He had 19 attempts for 123 yards 2 TD’s and even 3 receptions for 23 yards for 24 points last week (27 PPR). Pick him up if he is available (he was available in 4 leagues) Start him in the flex if you’re not sure about him just yet.
  4. RISHARD MATTHEWS: Not well-known among the fantasy football community coming into the season for Dolphins WR’s but has staked his claim in the conversation of his coaches to give him more looks. This past week alone Matthews had 7 targets which he turned into 6 receptions for 115 yards and in week one he turned 6 targets into 4 receptions 34 yards and a TD!!! He is putting up numbers and is owned at just 18% in ESPN leagues!!!!! (I have 3 teams and I picked him up in all of them) Get him and once again if you’re cautious throw him into the flex spot and watch him work magic for you!
  5. STEVIE JOHNSON: Another WR pickup in a passing league of course its STEVIE JOHNSON!!! What?!?!!? When did he come back from the fantasy grave??? I mean this guy found life again in San Diego and he is truly making the most of it!!! Just last week he had 6 targets and turned it into 5 receptions, 45 yards and a TD, and in week one he turned all 6 of his targets in to receptions for 82 yards and another TD!!!! Pick him up off of waivers and START HIM IN THE FLEX!!! That is an order that you must follow!!! Chargers don’t have a number one (Keenan Allen Disappeared last week) and Phillip Rivers just gets it to the open man!!! START HIM IN THE FLEX!!!

Those are my Top 5 Waiver Wire pickups for Week 3!!!! All these players give you a chance to win next week (no guarantees) and they will be great additions ALL YEAR LONG!!! Thanks for reading. Next up will be my first review of the BPL (Barclay’s Premier League)

Fantasy Football Week 2 Takeaways

download (1)

Fresh off the release of my NFL takeaways, I’m now doing my Week 2 takeaways for fantasy football. I forgot my waiver wire pickups for last week so I will do my waiver wire pickups for week 3 this week as well. Now I present my top 5 fantasy football takeaways for week 2!!

  1. THE LEGEND OF LARRY FITZGERALD!!: Did he jump into a DeLorean and get back all of his fantasy value?!?!?! I mean the first two weeks of the season have been exactly what the doctor ordered for his career! A 3 TD game!!! In 2015?!?!?! Now I’m pissed that I along with other watched him nose dive down the draft, only for someone with no credible receivers to speak of, picking him up and having him run wild for them. The man torched the Bears for 8 receptions, 112 yards, and 3 TD’s!!! Last week he still had 14 points with no TD’s. This sort of comeback reminds me when people said Antonio Gates was done last year (I hope minus the PED’s though). Larry Fitzgerald with 29 points for week 2.
  2.   MATT JONES!! WHO?!?!?! MATT JONES!!!!!: As a Washington Redskins fan, I’m glad that one of my teams players made it and man did he ever make it on to the national spotlight!!! In a game where the Redskins were supposed to be three and out kings, the solid running game of Morris and the man of the hour Jones carved up the vaunted St. Louis Rams defense for 182 yards rushing with Jones amassing 123 yards rushing and a touchdown by himself and if not for a late fumble would have had considerably more! This guy Matt Jones, (who?) Matt Jones (you have to do that!) is definitely the truth when it comes to toting the rock and will get his touches, it’s just with the two man committee, how long will it take Jones to pass Morris on the depth chart to increase his fantasy value. Jones ended with 24 points and his ceiling continues to rise rapidly!!
  3. MINITRON TRANSFORMS NOTHING TO SOMETHING!!: Julian “Minitron” Edelman is a PPR monster!! If you have this man in a PPR league, only trade up for top 3 receivers (Brown, Jones, Beckham). Every time I watch the Patriots play, besides Gronk looking like a man child out there, Edelman is continuously beasting and feasting, week in and week out!!! He takes 7 yard hitches and outs, then turns them into immediate YAC. He always finds the red zone when he needs to, and he is just as Stone Cold Steve Austin would say “A tough ass SOB” Trade for him if you don’t have him, keep him in every week if you do have him!!! He logged in 11 receptions (PPR monster) 97 yards and 2 touchdowns to amass 22 points this past week. Minitron > Megatron this season?!?!? Just a thought
  4.   ODELL BECKHAM JR AKA THE YAC MONSTER!!!: This is now my official name for Odell, and it will speak VOLUMES over the season. I know I just mentioned how Minitron can turn a small gain into YAC greatness, but Odell has the after burners to turn EVERYTHING in to YAC greatness!! The 67 yard touchdown he had versus the Falcons this past week showed me that they are prepared to gear up and get Odell the ball by any and all means necessary! I mean did you see that play?!?!? He had 3 defenders around him and you could see him turn the jets on and saying ” C YA!!” to every one of them!!! He had 7 receptions, 146 yards and that YAC filled touchdown run!!! My advice is DON’T TRADE HIM!!! If you thought last year was great while missing 4 games, this year he will make up for that in yards and they just announced that he will be in the slot A WHOLE LOT MORE!!! Who is guarding him in the slot!??!?! Nickel backs??? START HIM EVERY WEEK!! He ended last week with 20 points.
  5. TOM “FUCK THE RULES” BRADY IS PLAYING NO GAMES!!!: This guy goes in the 12th round of one of my leagues because of the fake suspension wrist slap and automatically goes to being the number one fantasy QB. I mean, who saw that one coming??? As I sit here writing in disgust because I should have drafted him, I knew as soon as they announced he was starting week 1, he would look to go on that 2007 tear where he posted the middle finger to the league all year!!! The guy is a first ballot HOF player who looks like his arm will never let him down as long as he wants to play!!! He carved up the heralded Bills defense for 466 yards and 3 TD’s against a team that a week before ate Andrew Luck’s Lunch!!! No slowing down for FTR (fuck the rules Brady) any time soon. Auto start Brady ended with 28 points last week.

That’s all for the Fantasy football takeaways for the week. Stay tuned for the fantasy football waiver wire pickups of the week!!!!

NFL Week 2 Takeaways


Another week of football down in the books!!! Man last week was a great one. A lot of surprise teams (good and bad) showed up and stood out early to let people know their championship aspirations. I watched a lot of football, drank some beer and gave the good ol’ eye test to some of these teams to come with these takeaways for you guy. Now I give you, my week 2 NFL takeaways:

  1. 1/3 OF LAST YEARS PLAYOFF TEAMS ARE 0-2 AND ARE LOOKING DISGRACEFUL: The Lions, Colts, Ravens, and Seahawks who were all formidable teams last year, all looked like they were going down sh*t creek with no paddles this past weekend! The Lions offense last year who looked more confident than Mormon Godfather in a house of ill-repute, now looks like the same team who won 5 games by 3 points or less. The Colts look as dismal as Oscar the grouch on trash day. The Ravens defense has more holes in it than 50 Cent in Get rich or die tryin’ (they look pitiful). Then there is the Super Bowl runner-up Seahawks who are more dysfunctional than West Virginia kissing cousins. The Seahawks scare NO ONE anymore!! Now with the news of Kam Chancellor coming back, that may change, but the hole may be too deep to pull themselves out of since there is only a 12% chance to make the playoffs after going 0-2 to start the season! These teams are looking to go nowhere fast, but to their credit, they all have coaches that are good enough to turn their teams seasons around. Good luck to all of them, because they’ll need it
  2. EAGLES FAN MAKE MY WEEKENDS GREAT!!: I thank Eagles fans everywhere for overreacting to Chip Kelly arriving in Philly, then going as average as Andy Reid in every Andy Reid season in Philly. Then giving away all the talent because “Chip loves him some Chip” and still stating that the Eagles will be a dominant force this year. After that horrendous display on “America’s game of the week” no less, the Eagles fold like Dollar General lawn chairs (again) on the national stage and some Philly fans made my weekend so much better by posting this and that. As a Redskins fan, I am continuously in tears from laughter and I have no one but Eagles fans to thank for this!!! Thank You Eagles Fans!!!
  3. THE CARDINALS ARE THE TRUTH!!!: I know they were playing the Bears and they stink up the joint every week, but the Cardinals look like they can’t be stopped offensively!!! Carson Palmer looks like the offensive genius he was when he lead the Bengals to the playoffs only on the first throw to get that nasty ACL injury. Nevertheless, the Bruce Arians/Carson Palmer link up was probably the best thing that could happen to that team!! Did you see the rejuvenated Larry Fitzgerald?!?!? He was getting off the line like Kurt Warner was still throwing him the ball!! The running game is just average enough to keep that potent passing game active, and the running back by committee ideal works because none of those backs are bell cows. Cardinals could RUN AWAY WITH THE NFC WEST EASILY!! (yeah I know, I know, its only week two but sheesh!!)
  4. THE BRONCOS MIGHT WIN UGLY ALL THE WAY TO THE SUPER BOWL: I’ve watched two Broncos game now, and in both of those games, people, especially Broncos fans might dislike how the team is operating (winning) but I am actually a huge fan of how they are winning games. Think about it, Peyton Manning is throwing an amount of passes that will keep him upright through the playoffs. They have an average running back by committee that will be good enough to travel on the road and the playoffs, plus the fact that the defense they put on the field every week who look like a super bowl winning defense with all the requisite pieces they have!! Give me a smart but broken down Peyton in the playoffs with that team over the field this year, except of course for Tom Brady who still proves he is the one to beat, but I think Denver’s defense is better than Buffalo’s (please put it on the record now).
  5. THE PANTHERS WIN THE SNOOZE FEST DIVISION AGAIN: Yes again, I know it’s only week two but the NFC South looks like the second weakest division in the NFC (THANKS NFC EAST). Right now the Falcons are 2-0 and look like they can challenge, but I just see Cam Newton going back in a time machine and pulling an Auburn 2.0 to win the division again on his own back!!! That’s just the feeling I’m getting this year. He is flipping over people to get in the end zone, he is throwing to receivers PHILLY BROWN AND TED GINN JR!!! AND WINNING!!! I give all the credit in the world to Cam Newton, and not because I know countless Panthers fans, but because watching him weekly and seeing his toughness through winning close games and running just to stay in the game at times proves to me him and Ron Rivera’s defense will see the divisional three peat.

That’s all my takeaways for Week 2, next up is my Fantasy Football takes for Week 2!!! Stay tuned for more content!